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Ceva extends license for PRID DELTA

The new PRID DELTA license now enables vets prescribing the product to adapt reproduction protocols

Ceva Animal Health has extended the license for PRID DELTA, the progesterone releasing intravaginal device which is used to manage and optimise beef and dairy cattle fertility.

The new PRID DELTA license now enables vets prescribing the product to adapt reproduction protocols to meet the treatment objectives of the individual cow or herd, providing vets with greater flexibility when devising protocols and ensuring farmers are as compliant as possible. The license also now details a “4 handlings” protocol for the induction and synchronisation of oestrus in cycling and non-cycling cattle, including fixed-time AI (FTAI), with prostaglandin (PGF2a) administered upon removal of PRID DELTA. This protocol should result in the process being less stressful for the cow and more efficient for the vet and farmer, whilst reducing the potential for error.

In addition, PRID DELTA can now be used alongside a GnRH, such as OVARELIN, whilst complying fully with the cascade, this includes use in FTAI as well as embryo transfer protocols for the synchronisation of recipients.

PRID DELTA is the progesterone releasing device in the UK which has
higher progesterone levels and a larger surface area, and achieves greater circulating P4 levels in cattle, compared to other available devices.

“As a practice we use PRID DELTA devices as they have the most progesterone of the vaginal inserts and we recognise that high yielding cows need as much progesterone as they can get to suppress their luteinising hormone (LH) production and to stimulate the uterine glands. The devices are easy to use, even in heifers, have really good retention rates and help us to get cows in calf,” says Jim McKinstry BVMS DBR MRCVS, director of Farm Gate Vets in Cumbria. “I am happy to see that vets will be able to modify PRID DELTA reproduction protocols to each herd and animal as when it comes to reproduction in cows, one protocol does not fit all; we need to tailor treatments to the individual cow and this now gives us the freedom to do so. The addition of the use of GnRH in the protocols is welcome as we need it to start a new follicular wave at the beginning of the protocol to improve conception rates. Having a licensed product for embryo programmes is also beneficial so that we do not have to work off cascade to manage these animals.”

Peter Keyte, ruminant business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health, adds: “Already successfully used in cows and heifers to manage beef and dairy cattle fertility, the new license for PRID DELTA allows vets greater flexibility in adapting reproduction protocols to meet the treatment objectives of both the individual cow and the herd while reducing the number of handlings for synchronisation or FTAI. This ensures less stress for the cow and makes it more efficient for both vets and farmers. PRID DELTA can also now be used alongside a GnRH for FTAI as well as embryo transfer protocols.”

For further information on PRID DELTA, please call the ruminant team at Ceva Animal Health on 01494 781510.


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