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Ceva launches innovative new feline pheromone product – Feliway Optimum

Feliway Optimum, which is available as an easy to use plug-in diffuser, helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations and calms cats better than ever

Ceva Animal Health has extended its leading range of veterinary behaviour products with the launch of a completely new, innovative pheromone discovery, Feliway Optimum.

Feliway Optimum, which is available as an easy to use plug-in diffuser, helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations and calms cats better than ever. The product is proven to help with more stress-related signs faster than existing pheromones, with all signs of stress showing continuous improvement until day 28 of use and are visible from day 7. These include scratching, urine spraying, multi-cat tensions and conflicts and changes and fears. The diffuser and refill last for 30 days and the refill can then be replaced with a new one.

It was developed following extensive research into the composition of the main feline pheromones which pass through the incisive ducts to the vomeronasal organ (VNO). These pheromones bind to receptors in the VNO and the receptor activation results in signals being sent to the accessory olfactory bulb. This, in conjunction with new research into the feline pheromone receptor, has led to the discovery of a new feline pheromone complex affecting the feline’s emotions whilst effecting positive change in emotional bias. The new pheromone complex provides an enhanced message of social confidence and safety in the cat’s environment by conveying more impactful messages to it.

“We have led the way with research for over 20 years with Feliway Classic and Feliway Friends, but it is now time to go that step further. Feliway Optimum is an extremely exciting addition to the range which will help solve all common signs of stress to provide enhanced serenity in a household. Nearly 60 percent of cats show visible signs of stress and Feliway Optimum will really help combat this with an over 70 percent reduction,” comments Abigail King, senior behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health.

Feliway Optimum was showcased at Ceva’s recent virtual symposium on “the new discovery in feline communication”
during the ISFM International Feline Congress (8-10 August 2020), the first free virtual feline congress for both vets and vet nurses.

The one-hour symposium provided delegates with an exclusive insight into Feliway Optimum. It was presented by Professor Patrick Pageat DVM MSc PhD HDR Dipl ECAWBM-BM Hon Dipl CLECVe, who researched and developed both Feliway and Adaptil, and Dr Andy Sparkes BVetMed PhD DipECVIM MANZCVS MRCVS, veterinary consultant at ISFM. There is still a chance to see this webinar, just email cevauk@ceva.com for details.

The Feliway range now includes Feliway Optimum Diffuser, Feliway Classic Diffuser, Feliway Friends Diffuser and Feliway Classic Spray. For further details please visit their website, call the Ceva Animal Health head office on 01494 781510 or email cevauk@ceva.com.

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