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New milk formula for stressed calves

New 23 percent crude protein calf milk formula is vegetable protein-free, which means it is more easily digested by calves under stress

Farmers struggling to manage persistent digestive disturbances amongst their calves now have access to a breakthrough new 100 percent dairy protein milk formula from Volac.

New Imunogard has been formulated specifically for under-performing stressed calves or to meet the unique needs of calf units wrestling with a stubborn scour problem that can’t be overcome by an improvement in environmental hygiene.

Volac global technical manager Ian Watson explains that the new 23 percent crude protein calf milk formula is vegetable protein-free, which means it is more easily digested by calves under stress.

“The protein in Imunogard is 100 percent dairy. By formulating to 100 percent dairy protein we can maximise the level of Imunopro in this new product. This also increases the delivery of the functional whey proteins (contained within Imunopro) to the calf, which gives it the best chance of fighting off a disease challenge,” he says.

He adds that the new product also contains a slightly higher fat content to allow for more energy to be metabolised for growth.

Additionally, Imunogard incorporates the established hydrolysed yeast culture Celmanax from Church and Dwight to help improve calf gut function and mitigate the effect of a number of harmful pathogens.

“Proven hydrolysed yeast cultures not only provide readily digestible refined functional carbohydrates for the calf; they also have a recognised prebiotic function. Put simply, the inclusion of Celmanax feeds the calf’s beneficial gut bacteria and helps bind them to damaging bugs, such as cryptosporidia, E.coli and Salmonella spp. This stops these harmful pathogens from binding to the gut wall and taking hold to cause disease signs such as scouring,” explains Mr Watson.

“For example, independent scientific trials have demonstrated that calves supplemented with Celmanax shed three times less cryptosporidium oocysts than those which were not, thus helping to reduce the spread of cryptosporidiosis. The Celmanax supplemented calves also had improved faecal and dehydration scores.”

Imunogard also benefits from the inclusion of other beneficial health supplements, as standard in Volac’s Lifeguard range of calf milk formulas. For example, butyrate for its anti-inflammatory effects and ability to stimulate gut enzyme production, and the garlic-derived ingredient Gardion – known too for its natural pathogen inhibiting effects and ability to enhance immune system function.

The new calf milk formula should be mixed at the rate of 150g in every litre of water and be fed to calves according to Volac’s standard growth curve recommendations.

Calf rearers, vets and nutritionists interested in further information about new Imunogard should speak to their local Volac Business Manager, or call Volac directly on freephone 0800 919808.

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