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The Low Beat Music Company Ltd has released its first CD specifically designed to calm agitated animals

Low beat music triggers a process called Brain Entrainment, a natural and safe process whereby mammals adapt to the beat of any music

The Low Beat Music Company started two years ago based on the premise that if high beat music energises, low beat music will calm and relax.

What it has found is that not only does the music calm, relax, and put people to sleep but it has wider effects. Low Beat Music triggers a natural process called Brain Entrainment. Brain Entrainment is a natural and safe process whereby mammals adapt to the beat of any music. This effect is found in mammals but no other animals. Its hypothesis is that it evolved because mammals nurture their young. The adult heartbeat tends to be lower than children’s, so if you can imagine a stone age mother crossing the bush, the last thing she wants is her child crying and attracting predators so by holding them close to her chest they hear her heartbeat and are calmed.

The Low Beat Music Company has recently found that low beat music works on dogs and horses. It has been difficult to see a reaction in cats as they tend to be a rule unto themselves, but in theory they should respond.

Its music is specially designed using sophisticated equipment and does need significant musical talent as it is different from normal music. There does need to be a difference between the heart rate of the animal and the music to trigger the phenomenon. Normally a difference of 15 beats is necessary so with horses because their heartbeats are around 40-48 beats per minute the music will only work on high strung animals or horses that are stressed, for example when they travel in horse boxes.

For dogs you need to choose the right music depending on the size of the dog, so the company has produced music for small dogs and for medium sized dogs. Small dogs have higher heart beats.

The Low Beat Music Company has discussed its music with vets at the University of Surrey and they have speculated that this music could be used to increase yields in commercial animals.

But in the short term if you have been in lockdown and your pet is used to having you around, dogs especially will become stressed when they are left alone so use Low Beat Music’s “Music for Animals” to calm and relax them.

Now available on Amazon in the Pet section look for Music for Animals by Low Beat Music.

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