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Ubrostar Red to replace Ubro Red announces Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Constituents of the products are broadly similar, with equivalent durations of action and spectrum of activity

Ubro Red is being replaced with Ubrostar Red from March, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd has announced.

“Although a long-standing product in the UK market, Ubro Red has sometimes suffered supply issues,” explains Scott Deakin, brand manager. “Meanwhile, Ubrostar Red is a market leading product in Europe and is globally available which aids continuity of supply.”

How does Ubrostar Red differ?

The constituents of the products remain broadly similar, with equivalent durations of action and spectrum of activity. The penicillin component of Ubrostar Red remains in the dry udder for up to three weeks, and the framycetin component for 10 weeks, or until calving.

Active ingredients

The penethamate and framycetin components of the two products are identical. However, Ubrostar Red contains benethamine penicillin whereas Ubro Red contains procaine penicillin. Both forms of penicillin are long acting salts of penicillin G and the equivalent quantities of penicillin G in both products is similar (171.6mg in Ubrostar Red and 170.4mg in Ubro Red).

Use of Ubrostar Red

The milk withhold period for Ubrostar Red is 35 days plus 36 hours after calving. This compares to 28 days plus 84 hours post calving for Ubro Red. The meat withdrawal period for Ubrostar Red is 10 days compared to 28 days for Ubro Red.

“In practical terms, this means that milk from cows with dry periods of 35 days or more can enter the tank after 36 hours provided that it complies with farm assurance guidelines,” Mr Deakin says. “However, for cows with shorter dry periods – less than 35 days – milk will need to be kept out of the tank for 37 days post treatment.

“As with the rest of the Ubrocare range of products, Ubrostar Red contains no high priority CIAs, in line with the current guidance surrounding the prudent use of antimicrobials. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health will continue to support the range with subsidised laboratory diagnostic testing plus technical support,” concludes Scott Deakin.

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