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Audevard creates the evolution of joint support with Ekyflex Arthro Evo

Audevard launches new formulation product, Ekyflex Arthro Evo to replace their flagship product Ekyflex Arthro using more specific, highly concentrated and respectful ingredients

Audevard is innovating with a new product that brings fluidity to the horse’s stride whilst protecting their joints: Ekyflex Arthro Evo.

This new formulation product replaces their flagship product: Ekyflex Arthro.

With this innovation, Audevard is creating the evolution of joint protection thanks to a new generation of more specific, highly concentrated, and respectful ingredients.

The management of joint protection is evolving. In addition to protecting the articular cartilage and synovial fluid, they now seek to preserve another essential component of the joint: the subchondral bone. Scientific advances allow for the use of new ingredients to be obtained via extraction methods for natural components.

The equine joints are protected against premature degradation which can be the cause of a decrease in physical capacities, stride irregularities and poor performance, causing in some cases, early retirement.

Ekyflex Arthro Evo stands out as it is the first chondroprotector for horses that does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is free of any artificial colouring. Audevard’s veterinarians have developed a unique formula which works with equine physiology which includes plant-based glucosamine, phytosterols obtained from unsaponifiables of avocado and soy, proanthocyanidins obtained from grape seed and grape skin extract, together with Peptagen II (precursor complex of collagen). This innovative and concentrated formula provides triple protection of the joint by integrating the preservation of the subchondral bone, in addition to cartilage and synovial fluid protection.

Ekyflex Arthro Evo is available in several classic formats and in a new 450g format. Sizes available are 450g, 900g, 1.8kg, 4.5kg, 12kg.

For advanced support for the equine joints, trust the evolution from equine experts Audevard.

For more information, visit the Audevard website or contact your Audevard regional manager.

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