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Charity Pet Blood Bank asks vets to unite to protect vital blood supplies

Pet Blood Bank UK asks that vets help ensure blood donation sessions can continue to run amid the staffing shortages facing the profession by helping to fill gaps in their rota

The national charity Pet Blood Bank UK is asking vets to help them ensure blood donation sessions can continue to run amid the staffing shortages facing the profession.

Like most veterinary practices, Pet Blood Bank is being hit hard by the current shortage of vets in the UK. The pandemic coupled with issues arising from Brexit means that finding vets to cover shifts has been extremely challenging. The impact of this is that blood donation sessions have had to be cancelled as the charity is unable to pay the inflated costs for locum cover. This means blood supplies are running low and orders could be left unfulfilled.

To maintain the vital blood supply for veterinary practices, Pet Blood Bank is asking vets to support the running of the blood bank by helping to fill gaps in their rota and working for a cost accessible to the charity.

Welfare is at the heart of Pet Blood Bank and it is the reason so many vets enter the profession. Having a reliable supply of lifesaving blood directly supports the welfare of pets and reduces suffering. Without your support, the blood bank will struggle to keep this supply up over the coming months.

Work at Pet Blood Bank is of a very different nature to that in practice. All the dogs are healthy and happy to be there, and you get to give them lots of treats and praise. The role of the vet is to health check the dog prior to donation and to ensure the overall well-being of all donors during the session. The donation days are very positive, and you will work within a very supportive and passionate team.

If you are able to support the work of Pet Blood Bank in your local area, please get in touch by emailing Caroline Windrum, veterinary manager, at

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