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Global editorial board for new collection of “One Health” resources

CABI is now recruiting a global editorial board for an new integrated collection of “One Health” resources, stressing the interconnections between humans, animals, plants, ecosystems and their shared environment

In 2022, CABI will launch a new set of transdisciplinary One Health resources.

Stressing the interconnections between humans, animals, plants, ecosystems and their shared environment, the collection consists of CABI One Health, an open access journal, “One Health Cases”, a curated collection of real-life examples of One Health in practice, and the “One Health Knowledge Bank”, a hub of relevant knowledge, information and data.

Article and case submissions are due to open in early 2022, with the first content to publish later in the year.

Editor-in-Chief of CABI’s One Health resources, Professor Jakob Zinsstag, and Deputy Editor, Dr Lisa Crump – both of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute – are now recruiting a global editorial board for this integrated collection of resources.

“Humans, animals and their environments are intimately linked,” explains Jakob Zinsstag, “and One Health principles demonstrate that recognising these interconnections brings benefits such as improved human and animal health and well-being, financial savings and sustained environmental services.”

The label of “One Health” is increasingly used by researchers and policy makers around the world, although a lot of confusion about its meaning remains. CABI defines One Health as “any added value in terms of human, animal and environmental health, sustainability, financial savings, and social resilience, achievable by the cooperation of human and veterinary medicine, and the social and environmental sciences when compared to the disciplines working independently.”

All of the CABI resources will foster transdisciplinary approaches that consider academic and non-academic, practical, local and indigenous knowledge in the research process and encompass exchange and cooperation among the scientific disciplines as well as between science and society.

“This transdisciplinary focus is vital because so often research fails to consider the knowledge of local populations and communities, while much of it is driven solely by Western nations. This results in important priorities of the populations that are most in need being neglected. This is why that there is a clear need for join agenda setting and knowledge sharing. The CABI One Health resources aim to address these gaps in a new way,” says Jakob Zinsstag.

Those interested in responding to the open call for board members of the One Health resources are invited to contact Lisa Crump, Deputy Editor on the One Health resources, for more information.

Lisa Crump said: “One Health tackles global challenges such as zoonotic diseases, emerging infections, food security and safety, loss of biodiversity, the impact of climate change and antimicrobial resistance that are increasingly inter-connected.

“We need to build an editorial board that includes experts in human, animal, plant and environmental health, along with a deeper understanding of the social and political dimensions. We are looking for people who are experts in their disciplines, and are open to engage in a truly inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue.

“And, just as importantly, we need a gender balanced, globally representative board that also provides an opportunity to involve up-and-coming future One Health leaders.

“We are really excited to be announcing these CABI One Health resources and to hearing from those interested in being part of the editorial board.”

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