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Innovative Assisi tPEMF device provides new options for supporting stiff joints

Incubate Animal Health are now distributing Assisi Loop and Lounge Loop technology in the UK to aid targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy which stimulates the body’s own anti-inflammatory mechanisms

The revolutionary Assisi Loops and Loop Lounges are now available in the UK, exclusively distributed by veterinary innovation experts Incubate Animal Health.

The Loop, which is used extensively in the US, Canada and Australia, uses targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF) to stimulate the body’s own anti-inflammatory mechanisms. It can be used to soothe joints and alongside therapeutic interventions as part of a multimodal approach.

The use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) in human medicine has been widely reported. Its benefits position PEMF to be a valuable addition to many multi-modal protocols, particularly for dogs and cats with stiff joints. Its mechanism relies on generating an electromagnetic field, causing a transient plasma membrane depolarisation and calcium channel opening, which creates a cascade event leading to activation of the body’s anti-inflammatory system.

The Assisi Loop uses a targeted frequency of PEMF and can be used in clinics but perhaps more importantly the portable, handheld device can be used at home by pet owners.

Pets are strongly considered to be part of the family with recent studies showing that over half of pet owners worry more about their pet’s health than their own. Including owners in pet care and rehabilitation helps to make them feel valued and empowered in supporting their pet’s health and builds trust between client and vet. Moreover, animals are more comfortable at home and can benefit from the device without being brought into the practice.

Specialist Rehabilitation Vet, Dr Veerle Dejonckheere, has been using the device and says: “I’ve found the Assisi Loop very useful in practice and it has definitely allowed me to be much more confident about my conservative management approach. It’s a great adjunct to traditional approaches to cases and I’m noticing improved outcomes in a lot of areas.”

Veerle goes on to explain how she thinks other practices can benefit from using the Assisi Loop: “It has massive scope to have on site to support the health of pets with stiff joints, but also for pet owners to take home who want to be doing something for their pet longer term, to improve quality of life and that doesn’t involve giving medication.”.

When talking about how her clients have found the device she commented, “Almost all the Loops that I rent out translate into a sale, and when the battery runs out after around 150 applications, another one is usually purchased.”

The Assisi Loop is exclusively distributed in the UK through Incubate Animal Health, a company that advocates for innovation in the use of caring technologies in veterinary medicine. Alongside the flagship Loop product, is the Loop Lounge. This is a rechargeable bed which has the Loop technology inside it, enabling the tPEMF to be delivered to the whole body, which is convenient for pet care following surgery, and to increase ease of delivery to animals who would benefit from tPEMF in multiple limbs.

The Assisi Loop can be purchased via the Incubate Animal Health website.

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