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Clinical research projects funded across Europe

A fund launched by IVC Evidensia to support research has more than doubled the number of new grants awarded

IVC Evidensia‘s research fund, led by the Group Veterinary Medical Board, was announced earlier this year, and seven grants were initially awarded. Now, thanks to substantially increased investment, a further 15 grants have been announced by the fund which supports vets and nurses undertaking clinical research.

IVC Evidensia, which employs 15,000 vets and nurses in general practice and referral settings, has made access to the fund available throughout the UK and Europe. 

Applications have just opened for the 2022 awards, with the recipients of the next batch of grants set to be announced after April’s closing date. As a result of the boost in funding, there are now more than 50 researchers working as interns, residents, referral clinicians and specialists conducting work in the UK, The Netherlands, France, Finland, Sweden and Germany. Of the 22 projects, 13 are taking place in the UK.

“We have been delighted by the amazing response and to have been able to more than double the number of projects supported in the latest round of funding,” said Deputy Chief Medical Officer Alistair Cliff. “We are very keen to support research at all levels, including general practitioners. We understand that in a modern, professional culture, our teams don’t just want to use evidence but also to create it.

“The research of today is the evidence of tomorrow and we’re proud to be enriching our teams, contributing to the wider profession and ultimately to the quality of care our patients receive. This time round we have seen an even greater diversity of projects including research into veterinary well-being, which is of paramount importance to us as a leader in the profession.”  

One of the new awards was to Hamaseh Tayari of Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists. She has received funding of £4,600 for research into burnout and areas of work-life balance in Veterinary Anaesthesiologists.

Preparatory work has already started and more than 600 global specialists in the field will be invited to take part early next year. They will be asked to share their views and experiences through detailed surveys already used by the medical profession.

Burnout is a really prevalent problem in the profession and I’m so pleased that this research work is being done for the first time,” said Hamaseh. “I’m hoping we will have some findings by next summer and I’m really grateful that the GVMB Research Fund has given me the opportunity to do this.”

Another beneficiary is Linda Toresson of Evidensia Helsingborg, Sweden, who has received £27,000 of funding for research into faecal microbiota as adjunctive therapy in canine chronic enteropathy.

A hub has been set up to allow staff to track projects as well as access highly experienced, multi-disciplinary research partners who can support those wishing to undertake work. The hub on the group’s Intranet has been created for the 2022 round of applications for funding grants.

Chief Medical Officer Amanda Boag said: “It is incredibly satisfying to provide support to our teams at critical points of their professional development.”

The large increase in the number of new grant awards has also been warmly welcomed by IVC Evidensia CEO Stephen Clarke.

“It has been eye-opening to observe the level of interest and we are fully committed to growing this critical part of our business,” said Stephen.

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