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Meriden Animal Hospital conducting clinical trials at home

Meridan Animal Hospital are conducting at-home clinical trials for the B-Cure Vet Low Level Laser treatment of osteoarthritis as well as other chronic conditions such as otitis, gingivitis, lick granuloma and knee, spine and hip pain

Meriden Animal Hospital is providing a new laser technology for qualified dog and cat owners whose pets suffer from osteoarthritis, otitis, gingivitis, lick granuloma, or knee, spine and hip pain.

Pet parents are invited to participate as part of a nationwide clinical trial being conducted by Veterinary Health Research Centers (VHRC).

“LLLT is already approved to treat people with chronic, painful conditions,” says Dr James StClair. “The ability to treat a pet for a bruise, muscle strain or osteoarthritic inflammation at home is of real value in managing these very common problems. You don’t have to wait for a vet appointment when a variety of ailments such as chronic ear infections start to reappear.”

The B-Cure Vet Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) study consists of four-minute treatments twice a day and is designed to compile real world data about the benefits. At-home compliance is easy, and there is no stress for the patient or the owner caused by multiple trips to the vet office.

LLLT can target the knee, spine, and hip pain in both active dogs as well as very senior dogs and cats. Since there are no safe feline non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) available that safely reduce osteoarthritis pain in cats, B-Cure Laser Vet is a good alternative.

“The incidence of cruciate knee problems increases in the winter with dogs injuring themselves by slipping on icy surfaces. Older dogs are always slipping and sliding at home on parquet or tile floors. Using LLLT gives pet owners the ability to treat joint pain at home and before it worsens,” said Dr Joel Ehrenzweig, chief executive officer of VHRC who is monitoring the B-Cure Vet Laser clinical trials.

Meriden Animal Hospital surpasses the stereotype of a general practice by offering its clients comprehensive care and diagnostic services typically found only at specialty and referral practices. The hospital offers all these services at rational and affordable pricing for clients. Best of all, we provide this level of healthcare with a degree of compassion that we provide for our personal pets.

Over 190,000 customers in countries worldwide, use the B-Cure Laser devices to treat orthopedic disorders, pain, inflammation, sports injuries and to facilitate and support recovery from surgeries and wounds. B-Cure Laser products are recommended by leading doctors and veterinarians  worldwide, who rely on these devices as an important medical option, broadening the range of treatment offered to their customers.

VHRC’s agility provides comprehensive clinical study solutions for large and small pharmaceutical companies, biopharma, medical device, and life science innovators worldwide, delivering fast and efficient trial data. Headquartered in Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, the VHRC network includes locations in Richmond, Virginia and Asia Pacific facilities in Australia and New Zealand. For more information, visit their website. Sponsors and companies seeking more information about VHRC services can email James Ehrenzweig or call 1-804-735-8205.

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