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Royal Canin attends VivaTech to open the way to the future of pet health

Company will showcase its latest technological breakthroughs and innovations that are redefining the future of pet health

For their first time participating at VivaTech, Royal Canin, a leader in health through nutrition, will showcase its latest technological breakthroughs and innovations that are redefining the future of pet health.

As part of this, Royal Canin will present technological tools and services, including ROYAL CANIN Individualis – a new category of innovation for Veterinarians that enables home-delivered and individualised nutrition at scale to all cats and dogs up to 25kg. This service is part of the company’s aim to equip pet professionals with services made possible by technology.

Loïc Moutault, CEO at Royal Canin said: “At Royal Canin, we believe that science, data, and technology will lead to a much better understanding of pets and consequently improve the way we care for them. We are currently taking major steps with our pet partners to innovate in the industry with technological solutions such as ROYAL CANIN Individualis, which proves that the future of our pets’ well-being is happening right here, right now.”

Tech partnerships with pet health in focus

Royal Canin’s purpose is to Make a Better World for Pets. To understand and better care for them, Royal Canin works closely with pet professionals such as breeders and veterinarians to produce high-quality nutrition for cats and dogs, as well as to support their daily activities through relevant monitoring and diagnostic tools and services. Working together with and producing services for partners is in line with the company’s management goal of creating value for all stakeholders holistically.

For several years, Royal Canin has partnered with startups and innovators to deliver the most individualised solutions to pets. Many of these projects target veterinarians, such as services that equip veterinary clinics to facilitate weight management follow-ups. This also includes supporting vets and vet technicians with education and training, as well as allowing veterinary professionals to harness cloud-based AI to manage their medical records with ease.

Royal Canin also places a lot of its focus on diagnostic technologies to reveal unseen patterns that might be early indicators of changes in a pet’s wellbeing. For example, it is partnering with Blücare Lab, which detects Haematuria through white granules spread on top of cat litter that turn blue if blood traces are found in the urine.

Other solutions stemming from partnerships with startups include the “Digital Twin” tool. Placed on the collar, this technology can potentially detect pet skin problems by analysing scratching patterns. Its sensors monitor the pet’s wellness and vital signs including itching, licking, heartbeat, and respiration rate. With this data, a “digital twin” of a pet can be created, which in turn can “give your pet a voice” by monitoring its wellbeing assisted by AI.

Major innovation Royal Canin Individualis to be featured at VivaTech

At VivaTech this year, the main Royal Canin solution featured will be Royal Canin Individualis, which is a bold scientific and technological commitment to offering each cat and dog a tailor-made diet, factoring in its age, weight, risk factors, and possible conditions. It provides an answer to a fundamental veterinary health problem: adapting the nutrition of an animal that suffers from several risk factors or conditions and ensuring that the management of one is not favoured at the expense of another.

Royal Canin Individualis is as much of technological innovation as nutritional innovation, as it is based on a novel algorithm and production technique with AI to calculate and accelerate the most personalised nutritional recipes possible. In addition to the unique product composition, Royal Canin has innovated the entire process for the veterinarian through an advanced algorithm that provides recipes in as little as 90 seconds and offers home delivery for the pet owner.

Exclusively available through veterinary recommendation, this breakthrough innovation is currently available in France, Germany, and Japan with additional launches planned throughout Europe in 2021. Plans also include availability outside Europe and in North America in 2022.

Loïc Moutault continued: “Royal Canin Individualis is the fulfillment of a dream first conceived over ten years ago and the result of seven years of research and development. More than a nutritional solution, Royal Canin Individualis is a new way to meet the needs of pets, enabling better management of their risk factors or conditions.

“To us, tech is a fantastic enabler we use to push the limits of pet care even further. VivaTech 2021 is a unique opportunity for everyone to discover the breadth and depth of our ambition. Our hero experience, our startup partnerships, and our other innovations will bring the visitor into the future right away.”

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