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Adactus launches new customer service suite

Adactus has adapted its customer service solutions for vets to transform appointment bookings and waiting room experiences for veterinary practices

Adactus, which has 20 years transforming some of the biggest names in hospitality and industry from Dog Fest to TGI Fridays, has adapted its suite of customer service solutions for vets to transform appointment bookings and waiting room experiences, and to build more data-driven and personalised customer experiences.

According to the British Veterinary Association (BVA) there’s a shortage of veterinary care in many areas of the UK due to a rise in pet owners but a decline in veterinary surgeons. Last year it was recorded that the UK owned 1.8 million more pets than it did pre-pandemic, 18 months before. However, with Brexit making it harder to recruit surgeons from Europe, fewer surgeries and appointments are available causing people to wait longer for non-emergency care or having to travel further.

“The increase in pets and fewer vets is reportedly leading to stress and anxiety in the sector, long wait times and irate customers,” said Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of Adactus. “Ensuring that owners keep their appointments is critical to both pet care and customer retention.”

Now Adactus has adapted and developed its tried and tested software for veterinary practices – Adactus Reservations and Adactus Intelligence – to reduce the impact of no-shows and to deliver a more tailored customer experience that will encourage regular visits, as the pet requires.

Owners can book appointments online at their convenience while receptionists can add pets to a waitlist or cancellation list during busy periods. Owners are then sent regular reminders of their appointment through communication tools and push notifications such as on SMS, email or a phone call.

Furthermore, through every visit and appointment booked, Adactus Intelligence captures valuable insight to give veterinary practices a single view of their individual customer – both the pet and the owner. It tracks how owners are using the surgery through integration with all touchpoints, from website, social media, indoor WiFi, to booking and reservation systems as well as data logged during each visit. Intelligence flags things like a customer’s preferences or specific issues on the pet, their medical history, or if they haven’t been to the surgery for some time. It also gives veterinary practices the permission and insight to contact that owner and continue personalised and relevant conversations with them.

Scott continues: “Through every appointment they can capture valuable data, informing how owners like to interact with their surgery, their pet’s likes and dislikes and their specific requirements, so you can keep tailoring your communications to improve their experience and encourage repeat visits when needed.

“For example, a pet may have a specific anxiety or fear during a trip to the vet so having this insight to be ready to make the pet feel as comfortable as possible on arrival will likely encourage the owner to return. Or an owner might have enquired about specific treatments during a previous visit. Adactus Reservations will make it easy to re-book while the Intelligence will give vets the information to engage with the owner on this matter.”

For more information on Adactus’ new solutions, visit their website.

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