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BEVA presents awards for excellence in equine veterinary medicine

This year’s prestigious awards ceremony at BEVA Congress recognised a diversity of professionals for their brilliance within the equine veterinary sector and included a new award in memory of Peter Rossdale

This year’s prestigious awards ceremony at BEVA Congress (7 to 10 September 2022) recognised a diversity of professionals for their brilliance within the equine veterinary sector and included a new award in memory of Peter Rossdale.

The awards were presented by BEVA President Huw Griffiths and special guests on Thursday 8 September 2022.

The BEVA equine welfare award, sponsored by the Blue Cross was presented to Charlotte “Charlie” Thornycroft by Chris Burghes, CEO of Blue Cross. She received an Irish bog oak trophy and £200.

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, Charlie Thornycroft has acted as a volunteer implementing the UK’s equestrian support initiatives, on the ground in Poland for three months and more recently from the UK. She has been selfless and unflinching in her support for the horses, and people, of Ukraine, working in exceptionally challenging circumstances.

The level of support provided by the UK in partnership with the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation would not have been possible without Charlie’s voluntary work.

Charlie worked long hours, frequently going multiple nights without sleep. She endured trying and distressing conditions and never uttered a word of complaint. She was resourceful, patient, and compassionate throughout and never lost sight of her primary goal of alleviating the suffering of horses in Ukraine.

The BEVA Richard Hartley clinical award was presented to Emily Floyd for the paper “Systemic antimicrobial therapy in foals” by Emily F. Floyd, Charlotte A. Easton-Jones and Mathijs J.P. Theelen, published in the January 2022 issue of Equine Veterinary Education (EVE).

The award is given in memory of Richard Hartley, a founder member of BEVA and President from 1974-1975. It is awarded to the first author of the best paper published in Equine Veterinary Journal or Equine Veterinary Education with direct clinical application.

The £1,000 prize is intended to support travel of the first author and/or co-authors.

The Peter Rossdale Equine Veterinary Journal open award was presented to Rebecca Bishop for the paper “Effect of omeprazole and sucralfate on gastrointestinal injury in a fasting/NSAID model” by Rebecca C. Bishop, Ann M. Kemper, Pamela A. Wilkins and Annette McCoy, published in the July 2022 issue of Equine Veterinary Journal.

This award and £1,000 prize is given for the paper that best achieves EVJ’s mission to publish articles which influence and improve clinical practice and/or add significantly to the scientific knowledge that underpins and supports veterinary medicine in relation to the horse.

The Voorjaarsdagen and BEVA Awards This year’s BEVA Award winner is Frédérique A. Schless DVM for her abstract “Development of a new survival prognosticator model for hospitalized neonatal foals in a European Warmblood Population”.

Frédérique’s presentation won the award at the Voorjaarsdagen Congress in April 2022; she will present it again during the Clinical Research Sessions at BEVA Congress 2022.

The reciprocal Voorjaarsdagen Award winner will be selected from those presenting Clinical Research abstracts at this year’s BEVA Congress. Their prize will be free registration to Voorjaarsdagen Congress 2023 where they will have the opportunity to present their abstract again.

The Voorjaarsdagen and BEVA Awards were introduced in 2005 to mark the close relationship between the two Associations.

The award is selected and presented biannually, once at the Voorjaarsdagen Congress and once at BEVA Congress and is open to all those presenting a Clinical Research abstract.

The new Peter Rossdale EVE Literary Award was presented by Professor Sidney Ricketts to Nazaré Storms, lead author for the paper “Strangulating lesions of the small intestine associated with the greater omentum in horses: 32 cases“.

Co-authors are A. Salciccia, S. Grulke, P. Barbazanges, J. Detilleux and G. de la Rebière, and the paper was published as an EVE Early View article in August 2021.

The award was introduced in 2022 in memory of Peter Rossdale and is sponsored by Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons who provided the £1,000 prize.

The award is presented to the best clinical research paper published in EVE. Peter Rossdale, a true pioneer in the profession, established EVE in 1989 recognising the need to encourage education of clinicians and to encourage clinicians to publish clinical papers.

The Sam Hignett award All Clinical Research presentations from general equine practice are eligible for the Sam Hignett Award.

A continuous process of assessment will take place throughout the Clinical Research Sessions and the winner of the award will be announced after Congress through the BEVA website and newsletter.

For further information on the BEVA Awards visit the website.

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