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Big reveal at BVA Live – Elanco launch new Credelio Plus Plummet game

Elanco Animal Health introduced Plus Plummet, a new fast-paced and addictive game for veterinary professionals, at BVA Live last week to mark the one year anniversary of Credelio Plus

On 22 June 2022 at BVA Live, Elanco Animal Health introduced Plus Plummet, a brand new, fast-paced and addictive game for veterinary professionals. The game marks one year since the launch of Credelio Plus in the UK. Credelio Plus is one tasty, monthly chewable tablet, which provides all-around parasite protection for dogs and offers trusted worm control with milbemycin oxime plus immediate and persistent tick and flea kill with lotilaner.

To mark the launch, Elanco prepared a big reveal of the game at the new BVA Live show as platinum sponsors of the conference. At the opening of the exhibition hall and during a countdown to the drinks reception, a balloon drop was conducted with Credelio Plus branded green balloons falling from the ceiling to mark the start of activities. The balloons fell just like the plus symbols and the Credelio Plus active ingredients, lotilaner and milbemycin oxime do in Plus Plummet. Game players catch the symbols to gain points before their time runs out, and need to avoid the falling ticks, fleas and worms, which lose them points. Free prizes were on offer at the conference to veterinary professionals who caught one of the branded balloons.

“We are excited to showcase our novel new game at BVA Live with this exciting drop and offer all attendees the first chance to play Plus Plummet and win some great prizes by topping the leaderboard every month,” said William Hawker, parasiticides marketing manager at Elanco Animal Health. “Credelio Plus is a simple, convenient solution and completes our parasiticide portfolio for Elanco alongside advocate, Milbemax, Seresto and other trusted solutions, to fit every pet’s lifestyle.”

Veterinary professionals can show off their gaming skills and head to MyElanco to play Plus Plummet at the website. Scores are submitted to the leader board and our top scorer every month will win a £50 Secret Escapes voucher, helping them embark on their own personal adventure! The next four leading the pack will get their paws on an exciting pack of goodies. Terms and conditions apply. And the great news is that the leader boards reset each month for more chances to win!

Head to their website to play the game now.

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