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Burgess supports World Spay Day 2022

Burgess throws its support behind World Spay Day 2022 as PDSA report estimates 70 percent of UK cat litters are unplanned

Independent pet food manufacturer, Burgess Pet Care, is pleased to support World Spay Day 2022 today, which aims to reduce the number of unplanned cat litters, as research from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) estimates that 70 percent of all UK cat litters are unplanned.

Burgess is joining several UK animal welfare charities in raising awareness among owners of the importance of female cats being spayed at four months, as well as neutering male cats to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Initiatives include a competition on Burgess’ social media pages to raise awareness about neutering and its benefits, myth busting advice on its blog and a discount on its award-winning neutered cat food.

Nicole Fallon, senior brand manager at Burgess Pet Care, said: “There’s often a rise in the number of unwanted litters during what has become known as ‘kitten season’, which typically runs from April to late Autumn. This puts even greater pressure on rescue centres and sadly far too many kittens do not find a home.

“Many owners are often unaware that it is advised to have their cat neutered at four months old. Not only is it the responsible thing to do as an owner, but it’s actually the kindest thing you can do for them.

“Neutering is a simple operation that will not only stop unwanted pregnancies, but also benefit cats’ overall health and well-being, helping to protect them against nasty diseases and some cancers. Neutering also protects female cats against risks associated with pregnancy, while neutered male cats are less likely to end up injured from fighting or stray from home.

“We hope that by highlighting these issues on World Spay Day 2022 we can help to raise awareness and reduce the number of unwanted litters dramatically for cats and all pets.”

A “purr-fect” ending for Misty at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Burgess has supported Yorkshire Cat Rescue (YCR) for a number of years with generous food donations. The neutering procedure is hugely important to the rescue centre and no rescue cats leave Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s care without being neutered. Having heard about Misty, who arrived at the rescue pregnant, Burgess wanted to share her story on World Spay Day 2022.

Misty gave birth to nine kittens but sadly two were stillborn. Misty was very tiny when she arrived at YCR and at first the team were not even sure she was pregnant. Misty and her babies spent some time in foster care and happily this litter will be Misty’s last. YCR will be neutering Misty so that she can live the life she deserves as a happy, healthy independent cat.

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