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BVA debates how to engage the Gen Z client at the London Vet Show

The British Veterinary Association will be tackling how to engage the Gen Z client in preventative healthcare during a panel discussion at the London Vet Show 2022

vet talking to client

The British Veterinary Association (BVA), in association with MSD Animal Health, has announced the panelists of the BVA Congress session “Preventative Health and the Gen Z Client – engaging a new generation of pet owners with disease prevention” at this year’s London Vet Show.

The session, which will take place on Friday 18 November at 1:50pm, will explore the challenges vets face in successfully reaching a new generation of young pet owners to build awareness of benefits of preventative health care to avoid disease.

It will explore the issues and the opportunities presented by this new digital-native and tech-savvy generation of client that accesses, digests and shares information in new ways.

The session will be chaired by BVA Senior Vice President Justine Shotton. She will be joined by an expert panel including:

  • Tanya Michelsen, associate director at CM Research
  • Marnie Brennan, associate professor in epidemiology and director of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine at University of Nottingham
  • Rebekah Ellis, brand and customer manager at MSD Human Health
  • Ben Sweeney, founder and CEO of Vidivet

Speaking ahead of the session, Justine said: “The rapid proliferation of telemedicine and the growth of online advice groups on platforms like Facebook are clear signs that clients are looking for additional ways to access veterinary services and advice.

“It is essential the profession understands this growing demand and ensures pet owners have access to accurate information.

“This session at BVA Congress promises to be extremely insightful, exploring the challenges but also the opportunities for reaching a new, younger generation of pet owner.”

Follow the BVA on Twitter @BritishVets for news and information during the show.

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