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Purina encourages conversation on collaborative care

The Purina Institute is encouraging the conversation on collaborative care with a new webinar series covering practical ways to integrate conversations around nutrition into everyday consultations

The Purina Institute is championing collaborative care in veterinary practice and hosting a series of webinars with internationally recognised veterinary experts on the topic. The webinars are available free of charge to all members of the veterinary team during May, July and September 2022, with the April live webinar available to watch now as a recording. They will centre on practical ways to integrate conversations around nutrition into everyday consultations and include insights from veterinary specialists from several disciplines, including dermatology, internal medicine and nutrition. Registration is available on their .

The webinar topics include dietary elimination trials, senior pet cognition, advising clients on credible sources of information about pet food, and life-stage nutrition and together, they provide four hours of CPD.

The talks will be delivered by ten speakers including Marge Chandler from the UK, Julie Churchill, veterinary nutritionist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Andrea Fascetti Professor of Nutrition at UC Davis and Holger Volk, Department Chair and Clinical Director of the Small Animal Clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Honorary Senior lecturer at University College London and Honorary Professor at the Royal Veterinary College.

Libby Sheridan, Purina Scientific Affairs Manager UK & Ireland says the learning from the webinar series has scope to be applied easily in practice. “There is such a great line up of speakers who all have lots of case-based insights to share, as well as hints and tips on how to make those day-to-day conversations in practice so much easier.

“If we can encourage clients to take the collaborative approach and help them understand the reasons behind our veterinary recommendations, communication is more positive and rewarding for both parties and the health and welfare of the patient can be improved. That is a really great outcome and well worth spending four hours of CPD time to achieve.”

Full details of the webinar topics and speakers can be found on the website with the option to book to attend one or all of the webinars. The next webinar on senior pet cognition takes place on 26 May.

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