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United Nations Committee acknowledges urgent action needed to protect donkeys 

The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed the United Nations resolution to protect and improve the lives and health of working animals, including donkeys and mules

The Donkey Sanctuary has long advocated for the protection of working animals at a pan-governmental level and the wording included in the latest United Nations resolution on agriculture, formalises the international body’s commitment to the long-term welfare of these animals. 

This move represents a significant step toward global recognition of the inextricable link between the health and welfare of humans and animals and the importance of a more holistic approach to global health issues.     

Ian Cawsey, director of advocacy and campaigns at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “To have UN recognition of the role animals and their health play in achieving a sustainable planet, and the importance of a ‘One Health’ approach, is a significant moment indeed.  

“All member nations are committed to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals so the timing of this resolution is crucial as the UN prepares to review progress of the SDGs in 2023.”  

Earlier in the year the UN Environmental Assembly approved the development of a report into the links between animal welfare, the environment and sustainable development.

This provides the opportunity for The Donkey Sanctuary to talk to governments with large numbers of working animals on how they can deliver the better outcomes called for in this resolution, which will be presented to the UN General Assembly in December. 

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