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Don’t miss the BEVA Congress early bird deadline

The special 60th BEVA Congress will champion the equine profession with a look at evolution, innovation, and future adaptation

Early bird tickets are only available until Monday 1 August for this year’s BEVA Congress. Practice Passes are available too, for British Equine Veterinary Association members. Booking early provides a saving of more than 20 percent on a full three-day ticket so, if you plan ahead, you can bank some cash for the event’s famous social extravaganzas!

This year’s special 60th BEVA Congress, will take place live from 7 to 10 September 2022 at the ACC, Liverpool, and will champion the equine profession with a look at evolution, innovation, and future adaptation.

An inspiring programme, delivered by more than 150 speakers, including famous veterinary names from around the world, will run across five live parallel streams, together with clinical research presentations, and stimulating workshops. The programme also includes one extra-green session on the first afternoon when a dazzling array of global leaders in the fields of infectious disease, imaging, nursing, reproduction plus sports medicine and rehabilitation, will be beamed into the lecture halls to present and debate virtually rather than travelling from all corners of the world to Liverpool. In addition to this and numerous other initiatives to reduce the event’s carbon footprint a virtual stream will also be available live online.

“With the theme of championing the diverse opportunities the profession offers as well as addressing some of the non-clinical challenges currently being faced, this year’s congress aims to enlighten, inform, educate and encourage, in a lively, fun and engaging environment.” Said David Lloyd, BEVA Congress Scientific Committee chair.

In the first of two plenary lectures Dr Pat McCue, Colorado State University professor and world-leading Specialist in equine reproduction, will review events that have shaped current practice in breeding before looking at what the future holds. With his vast, and successful, experience in artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and ICSI procedures, Dr McCue has extensive knowledge to share.

In the second plenary lecture of BEVA Congress 2022, the first Peter Rossdale Memorial lecture, Dr Celia Marr will explore one of Peter’s passions, “evidence in perinatology”, as well as taking delegates on a tour through key moments in the amazing life of Dr Rossdale.

BEVA President Huw Griffiths and the BEVA Congress committee are excited about the diverse and comprehensive content in this year’s programme.

Huw said: “I am especially looking forward to hearing from Amy Grice, who is a world leader in the scientific evaluation of the recruitment and retention situation in equine veterinary practice. She has based her work in the US on comparisons of the different generations of equine vets and the interactions between the generations and the failures and the opportunities that arise from this work.

“Of special interest to BEVA is her understanding of generation Z graduates who are the future of our profession. Everything she has to tell us will help ensure we maximise their satisfaction and longevity within our industry.”

David Lloyd said: “I’m most looking forward to the plenary lecture by Pat McCue and the Peter Rossdale Memorial Lecture. Dr McCue’s presentation will be fascinating considering his long and distinguished speciality, followed by a tribute to Peter Rossdale, who was a huge influence and mentor to me.”

Jamie Prutton, BEVA Congress Committee member said: “I am most excited by the infectious disease panel from a group of international speakers. We are lucky enough this year to be able to bring together eminent speakers on key topics, and within the medicine stream it will be intriguing to see what the views are from around the world.”

Justine Kane-Smyth, Congress Committee member said: “I can’t wait to see the super star cast of speakers in the Keeping Your Team Safe session. Amongst them is Gemma Pearson, a font of knowledge who always leaves me feeling that I can try a little of her magic in dealing with my patients. Also in that session, I’m looking forward to hearing from Andy Eynon, a consultant in neurosciences intensive care (human) medicine. He will discuss his work with patients with horse-related injuries.”

Rosina Lillywhite, BEVA Congress Committee member said: “For me a highlight is the human factors session. This is a topic that I have developed a strong interest in recently, and I hope that the team at VetLed can inspire others to get on board with its importance.

“But what I love most about Congress is meeting new people and developing new friendships. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch-up with old colleagues and meet new ones. It has been a long time since I’ve seen some of my friends due to COVID-19 so I can’t wait to reunite with them.”

Early bird tickets for BEVA Congress are available until Monday 1 August 2022. Tickets provide access to all lecture and exhibition halls as well as full access to the virtual congress hub. For those that can’t attend in person virtual ticket holders can access our live stream across the three days. This year BEVA is also giving all delegates access to all Congress content for six months after the event.

Early bird BEVA member prices are £499 for vets and £187 for vet nurses for all three days (with concessions available for those in their first three years post graduation or on a lower salary). Virtual tickets are £199 for vets and £40 for nurses. Practice Passes are available for BEVA members in three packages small (£599), medium (£1,333) and large (£2,666). This new pass provides a combination of physical and virtual tickets, meaning the practice rota doesn’t have to stop any member of the practice team from benefiting from high quality CPD and socials at BEVA Congress, and with a saving of up to £113 per vet too. Practice Passes are available to purchase until Monday 1 August 2022. 

BEVA has a “peace of mind” bookings policy to reassure those who are concerned that the COVID-19 situation may change between booking their ticket and the event.

To find out more and to book your tickets visit the website.

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