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EnduraBol Sheep gives farmers new trace element options for flocks

Nettex’s has launched their EnduraBol Sheep range to help supplement pregnant ewes with trace elements ahead of critical foetal development period

As ewes reach the critical pre-lambing nutrition period, there’s a new option for trace element supplementation with Nettex’s launch of the new EnduraBol Sheep range.

EnduraBol bolus technology features “single point erosion” that ensures consistent and reliable delivery of five trace elements and three vitamins for up to six months for sheep weighing over 40kg.

Nutrients include high levels of manganese, zinc, iodine, cobalt, selenium and vitamins A, D3 and E.

“In the final two months of pregnancy, 75 percent of lamb foetal growth takes place which puts a huge nutritional demand on the ewe,” says Nia Williams, nutritionist and marketing manager for Nettex.

“As pregnant ewes head into this key period ahead of lambing, supplementing trace elements is essential to ensure foetal development and support the future performance of both the lamb and the ewe.”

During this pre-lambing stage, iodine is especially essential for the foetus to produce thyroid hormones which contribute to metabolic rate. It is also essential for foetus development and lamb survival.

While brassicas are a popular winter grazing forage, they contain certain compounds that block iodine uptake, making supplementation critical. 

“Selenium and vitamin E are also going to have a significant influence on the development and health of lambs,” says Nia. “Supplementation will help ensure muscle and skeletal development and help prevent deficiency related issues such as abortions, stillbirths and weakness at birth.”

The range includes EnduraBol Sheep and EnduraBol Sheep + Copper.

EnduraBol Sheep contains no copper and is suitable for sensitive breeds and high copper areas.

EnduraBol Sheep + Copper includes the same trace element and vitamin availability of EnduraBol Sheep with a bonus daily supply of 18mg of copper.

Regardless of the time of year, all classes of stock on forage-based diets require supplementation of trace elements and vitamins due to their inclusion within forage varying significantly depending on soil type, weather conditions, plant species and fertiliser applications.

“Trace element bolusing is ideal for optimising supplementation by providing a consistent and steady release of the nutrients to ensure all of the sheep are receiving their daily requirements for an extended period of time,” says Nia.

“Drenching requires multiple gathering and handling and provides a large pulse of nutrients that won’t be able to be fully absorbed.

“Feed supplementation can lead to varying intakes for individual sheep depending on appetite, bullying or crowding. We often see weaker or shy sheep get the least opportunity. However, a bolus ensures every sheep gets a consistent amount of trace element supplementation.”

Using the EnduraBol gun, boluses are administered with the microbullet, which reduces the risk of calcification and ensures controlled erosion of the bolus.

Once the bolus has dissolved over six months in the rumen, the microbullet will begin to breakdown.

EnduraBol boluses are engineered with a wax protection cap that covers the single point of erosion to ensure it does not start releasing until it enters the sheep.

Each pack contains 40 boluses and 40 microbullets to service 40 sheep weighing over 40kg.

“Manufactured in the UK and available globally, EnduraBol boluses utilise patented technology developed and perfected by Rumbol Products Ltd, which has been tried and trusted by farmers for over 30 years,” concludes Nia.

“This is an exciting technology to now be available to sheep producers.”

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