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New Equine Health Awareness week announced for 28 November to 4 December 2023

British Equestrian unveils their first dedicated equine health awareness week from  28 November to 4 December 2023 with the theme of “reducing disease risk together”

British Equestrian is being praised for unveiling their first dedicated equine health awareness week, which will run from Monday 28 November until Sunday 4 December 2023.

Equine Health Awareness Week will boast a major social media campaign from prominent veterinary professionals, many of whom are members of the Equine Infectious Diseases Advisory Group (EIDAG).

Lantra is urging animal lovers to support the new campaign and ensure it is a “cantering” success.

Equine Health Week is aimed at all those who have involvement with equines and is focused around the theme of “reducing disease risk together”.

The new initiative will deliver advice on good health management and bio-security, vaccinations and the fight against diseases and parasites.

The announcement of Equine Health Week comes as worried vet professionals have raised concerns about “critically important” antibiotics being given to horses without appropriate testing.

The Royal Veterinary College has just released research findings stating the risk of Antimicrobial resistance and its potential impact on animal and human health.

Sean Duffy, Lantra’s head of industry partnerships, said: “It is great to hear that Equine Health Week will be an annual event and we hope it firmly cements itself into the British equestrian calendar.

“Lantra has a comprehensive line-up of courses dealing with equine health, welfare and behaviour, and awareness campaigns, like Equine Health Week, only go to further promote issues such as health management and bio-security and deliver much needed guidance and information on conditions such as equine influenza and strangles.”

For further information about Equine Health Week please visit the British Equestrian website.

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