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Forte launch Charcovet Gel

Forte Healthcare announce the release of Charcovet Gel, a complementary feed for the support of digestive disturbances in calves, foals and lambs

Forte Healthcare Limited are delighted to announce the launch of Charcovet Gel – an activated charcoal gel for the support of digestive disturbances in calves, foals and lambs. The gel contains 30g of activated charcoal in a convenient 60ml, easy-to-use syringe.

Activated charcoal displays incredible powers of adsorbency due to the 3D structure of the charcoal particles, which impart an immense surface area per gram of material. These adsorbent qualities have long been used in human medicine to attract and remove ingested poisons from the gut, preventing them reaching the bloodstream and causing a fatal intoxication.

Dr John Henderson, large animal product manager at Forte Healthcare says: “In young animals with digestive disturbances, Charcovet Gel uses the adsorbent properties of activated charcoal to support the gut in a return to normal function.

“The value of using activated charcoal in cases of digestive upset in young animals has long been recognised, but the difficulty and mess involved in mixing such a fine dry powder in water presented considerable usability issues. With Charcovet Gel, the appropriate volume of activated charcoal gel is simply selected from the graduated syringe and administered directly into the animal’s mouth.

“Charcovet Gel can be given daily as needed to support the animal during the period of digestive upset.”

Charcovet Gel is the newest addition to the Ark Animalcare product range and comes in a 60ml syringe, and each box of product contains 12 syringes — available now from all major veterinary wholesalers, or directly from Forte Healthcare Ltd.

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