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Hungarian Vizla Indi saved after snake bite

A day at the beach turned into a medical emergency for Hungarian Vizla Indi when she was bitten by an adder

A day at the beach turned into a medical emergency for Hungarian Vizla Indi when she was bitten by an adder while walking along the Norfolk Coast. She arrived at the practice with two clear puncture wounds to her left hind leg and the leg was noticeably swollen. Indi was panting and obviously in distress, so it was clear she would need treatment. Thankfully, the team at Taverham Vets acted swiftly.

Adders are the only poisonous snakes that are native to the UK, but they are usually shy and prefer to hide away from people and animals. They can be found in sand dunes, hillsides, rocky areas, moors and woodland. Adders hibernate from October and usually emerge from hibernation during early springtime.

This was true in Indi’s case – she was bitten in early spring, while walking at Winterton, on the Norfolk Coast.

The team assessed her immediately and treatment was started which included the administration of anti-venom, a drug that must be diluted and delivered intravenously under constant supervision to monitor for signs of anaphylaxis (allergic reaction).

Treatment also included blood tests to monitor for clotting disorders and/or renal dysfunction (which can occur following adder bites), fluid therapy, antibiotics and pain relief.

Hayley Hyam, a registered veterinary nurse at Taverham Vets, said: “We were so glad Indi came in when she did as she received the proper treatment before her situation worsened.

“If you ever suspect your dog may have been bitten by an adder it is important to keep them as still as possible. If you can, you should try and carry them back to the car, this will help prevent the venom from spreading throughout their body. When it is safe to do so, call your vet as soon as possible.”

Thanks to Indi’s owners prompt action and the fast delivery of treatment at Taverham Veterinary Hospital we are happy to report Indi has made a full recovery and is back to being her usual bouncy self at home.

If you suspect that your dog has been bitten by an Adder, call your vet or take them into your nearest emergency veterinary hospital for treatment without delay.

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