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Behaviour, nutrition and puppy advice tops reasons for owners seeking vet nurse advice

Behaviour, nutrition and puppy advice are the top three reasons pet owners have sought veterinary nurse advice this year from Joii Pet Care

Analysis of all digital consultations with RCVS-registered veterinary nurses at Joii Pet Care over the last 11 months has revealed the top three reasons pet owners made contact for free nurse consultations.

Throughout each month of the year, those same three advice areas – nutritional advice, training and behaviour advice and puppy advice – have remained at the top of the list.

Emma Marshall, head nurse at Joii Pet Care, said: “This indicates to us that pet owners have a stable focus on caring for the long-term health and well-being of their animals.

“In particular, it’s reassuring to know that people are taking on board professional nutrition and behaviour advice because this establishes a really good basis for healthy, happy pets to lead fulfilled lives.

“Accessing this kind of support, at no cost, on a regular basis is what we describe as preventative vet care.

“This means using healthy ways to care for animals throughout their lives – whether that be the food they eat or their skincare regime – which in turn reduces the frequency of vet interventions. Seeing a vet nurse regularly can help to eliminate and reduce animal health concerns.”

Next on the nurse consultation list is the weight clinic, a Joii Pet Care vet nurse programme helping owners to improve the health of animals by shedding pounds.

Other reasons owners reached out include advice about skin problems and fleas/ticks.

Marshall added: “It comes as no surprise that puppy advice is still high on the list for pet owners reaching out to us, as the UK is still experiencing a boom in the puppy population.”

The analysis of Joii Pet Care’s vet nurse consultations comes ahead of the festive season, when families are advised to consider how to best support existing, visiting and new pets in the household.

Marshall said: “Christmas can be full of triggers for pets. Some may struggle with more people being in their home, others could seek out food which is dangerous for animal consumption, while others will visit different households as owners see friends and family.

“It’s important that the health and well-being of pets is considered throughout, as this can be a confusing and overstimulating time of year for them. Anybody needing advice should contact a vet nurse.

“We’re available via the Joii Pet Care app throughout the festive season.”

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