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New technology launched to create efficient digital contact experience between veterinary practices and pet owners

MWI Animal Health UK have launched MWI Pet, a new technology offering to help vet practices digitally engage with their clients and reduce administrative burdens on their staff

MWI Animal Health UK has launched MWI Pet, a new technology offering designed to help veterinary practices increase engagement with their clients while reducing administrative burdens on their teams.

MWI Pet enables an efficient digital contact experience between practices and pet owners.

The new offering seamlessly integrates with the Merlin practice management system, which is a cloud-based technology offering a range of integrated tools and applications to support key workflows and set veterinary practices up for success.

Pet owners can access the MWI Pet portal to view and book available appointments with their veterinarian via any connected device.

“As providers continue to navigate a changing industry and evolving consumer expectations, veterinary practices need access to technologies that help them better serve the needs of both their staff and their clients,” said David Tinsley, vice president, MWI Animal Health UK.

MWI Pet will help practices meet consumer demands for digital-driven convenience and foster deeper relationships with their clients, while freeing up more time for staff to focus on delivering high-quality care.”

Veterinary practices that leverage the MWI Pet solution will benefit from:

  • Control: The easy-to-use admin tool and multiple easy-to-configure settings allow practices to set which appointments are available with which clinicians to manage workflows, generate revenue and increase team productivity
  • Efficiency: Appointments are booked in real-time and seamlessly integrate with a practice’s Merlin PMS. A unique data matching system allows existing clients to register themselves in just 30 seconds, with no risk of a duplicate record
  • Visibility: Appointments booked through MWI Pet are clearly denoted in the practice’s diary and the client record. Clients can also view past booking details and interactions they have had with the practice through the portal
  • Bonding: The MWI Pet portal looks and feels like an extension of the practice’s website and doesn’t require clients to download any apps or software. It also sends automatic appointment confirmations to pet owners
  • Service: From their implementation consultants to their service desk, MWI’s professional onboarding service supports practices every step of the way

“In an increasingly competitive market, it has never been more important for practices to attract, retain, and bond with their clients as well as their pets,” said Jonathan Holloway, senior director of customer solutions, MWI Animal Health U.K.

“We have designed MWI Pet to drive efficiency for practice staff and create a frictionless, convenient experience for pet-owners interacting with the modern practice.”

To set up a demo and see MWI Pet in action, click here.

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