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New accreditation for raw pet food standards launched

RawSAFE, which aims to provide the best and safest possible food for pets, has launched the first ever accreditation the raw pet food industry

Tony Ottley (COO and Founder, Bella & Duke), Gus (Black Labrador), Teddy (Norfolk Terrier), Mark Scott (CEO & Founder, Bella & Duke) and Archie (West Highland White Terrier). Image courtesy of Malcolm Cochrane Photography

RawSAFE, the proactive organisation which focuses on the provision of the best and safest possible food for pets, working dogs and cats, has launched as the first accreditation of its kind for the raw pet food industry.

The new accreditation sees manufacturers such as Bella & Duke undergoing a rigorous auditing process and highlights the quality processes undertaken at Bella & Duke’s factory in Inverkeithing, creating meals developed with animal nutritionists to ensure pets are happy and healthy.

Food safety has always been one of the primary concerns of the veterinary profession and raw meat industry. After years of poor regulations around pet food manufacturing, RawSAFE was born to create a set of robust standards for raw meat-based diets for pets, with the standards based on those in human food manufacturing.

Developed with the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS), pet owners or veterinarians who choose a product with the RawSAFE label can be reassured of best in practice and more importantly, safe production of pet food.

The RawSAFE team has worked closely with experts in human food manufacturing and has examined well known accreditation standards within that industry.

The resulting RawSAFE standards match those required for human food production and have relevant adaptations to safely accommodate the various ingredients used in pet foods (but less commonly In human food) such as tripe and organ meats.

The criteria for the audit standards have been carefully written by a team with qualifications in assessing and auditing to ensure that they are completely objective. The only means to gain the accreditation is via the independent audit.

A further feature is that as well as the planned audit which will be repeated annually for as long as a manufacturer wishes to be accredited, the manufacturer also agrees to an annual unannounced audit.

Tony Ottley, director of Bella & Duke said: “As the raw food market, and pet owners’ demand for the highest quality food continues to grow, it is incredibly important that manufacturers like us are also challenged to produce to the highest standards. 

“We’re committed to our customers and assuring them they are choosing the best quality food available.

“We have invested heavily in not only our factory but our team of experts, ensuring that the highest standards of raw pet food production are being met. Having the new RawSAFE accreditation is a huge step forward for the pet food industry as a whole and gives reassurance to customers and veterinarians that standards are being monitored through a vigorous process of auditing.

“We are delighted to have been one of the first pet food manufacturers to have been accredited.

“We are acutely aware that our colleagues in the veterinary profession need to have reliable sources of information about raw food and they are often very concerned when their clients tell them they are feeding a raw food diet.

“The RawSAFE accreditation will mean that they can feel confident with their client’s choice for their pet and maybe even begin to recommend accredited products.

“Just as a family doctor would encourage a fresh food diet as a foundation for our health, feeding real food is so beneficial to pets’ well being that we urge our colleagues to learn more, and recommend our partners at the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society for reliable information.”

You can find out more about Bella & Duke on their website

For more information on RawSAFE and the new accreditation, visit their website.

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