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Fundraiser to fulfill terminally-ill colleague’s bucket list

Staff at Paragon Veterinary Referrals are rallying round to care for one of their own, with a poignant fundraiser for their terminally-ill colleague Laura

Staff at one of the UK’s leading animal hospitals are rallying round to care for one of their own, with a poignant fundraiser for a terminally-ill colleague. The team at Paragon Veterinary Referrals, in Wakefield, is determined to help brave vet nurse Laura Turnbull achieve as many items on her bucket list as possible, like visiting New Zealand, eating street food in Hong Kong, riding in a hot air balloon and seeing rock band Bon Jovi live.

Laura’s favourite place of all is India, which is why her friends at Paragon have decided to run, walk, cycle and swim the 4,527 miles distance between Wakefield and Mumbai to raise cash to help her fulfil her wishes.

Paragon’s nursing team leader Stacy Carlton explained: “Our incredible RVN Laura has been living with terminal cancer for several years and has recently received the devastating news that her treatment is no longer working effectively.

“Laura is the best person in the world. She is the strongest person I know, and the bravest. She’s also one of the best veterinary nurses I know. She puts her heart and soul into caring for every single patient she has. She has taken home all the wildlife to rehabilitate, the strays no-one wanted, and the kittens that needed a mum. 

“So, the Paragon team is raising money to help Laura live out her bucket list by collectively covering the miles from Wakefield to Mumbai.

“Laura loves India and used to live there. She’s there right now visiting her friends and we want to make sure there’s many more adventures still to come.”

Paragon’s Laura was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 but now the cancer had spread to her vertebrae, ribs, legs, skull and liver, yet still Laura remains positive and focused on the future.

In an emotional, but inspirational, post on her GoFundMe page Laura says: “My motto is the Hindi saying ‘har pal me zindangi,’ which loosely translated means ‘enjoy every moment’. I certainly try to appreciate everything and I am grateful for what I have.

“Of course, I don’t want to die, but we all will at some point, so at least I have time to accept it, right?”

Laura has already ticked off some key items on her bucket list, including a visit to the Himalayas, Christmas in New York and a Broadway show.

She’s also drunk Tequila in Mexico, enjoyed a spa in the exclusive Valle d’Aosta in the Western Alps and sipped fine wine in an Italian Castle.

There’s plenty more to go, though, so if you would like to help Laura achieve even more of her dreams, visit her GoFundMe page.

For more information on Paragon Veterinary Referrals, visit their website or search for Paragon Veterinary Referrals on social media.

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