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PetsApp reimagines pet health plans

The veterinary client engagement platform, PetsApp aims to designed to shake up the pet health plan market with the launch of it’s new groundbreaking feature, the PetsApp Wellness Plans

PetsApp, the future of veterinary client engagement, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking new feature, PetsApp Wellness Plans. With this new feature, PetsApp aims to shake up the current veterinary health plan market with its digital only offering that allows veterinary practices to increase their preventative care plan usage by over 35 percent.

According to the Association of British Insurers, 67 percent of dogs and 84 percent of cats were uninsured in 2017. And 92 percent of all pet problems aren’t addressed by a vet either. That means that millions of pet health problems will go untreated until it’s too late.

Preventative health plans play a role in bridging that gulf by allowing pet owners to see their vets more regularly thereby reducing the risks of large unexpected costs. This is particularly helpful for the large percentage of uninsured pets as many preventative treatments such as flea and worm treatments are included in one simple monthly price.

The current veterinary health plan market is dominated by established companies that are owned by some of the largest veterinary corporate groups in Europe and there is no viable independent alternative available that can compete. As an independent and pet owner obsessed company, PetsApp aims to provide veterinary practices with a genuine alternative to the incumbents and drive more pet owners to take advantage of preventative health opportunities for their pets. 

With PetsApp in their pocket, owners can get prompt advice and care, anytime and anywhere, from the veterinary team they know and trust. PetsApp helps provide a seamless service, from remote consultation to treatments in-clinic – and now PetsApp Wellness Plans – so the clinic and pet owners can have a closer relationship, allowing vets to better advocate for their patients and reducing the complexities of petcare for owners.

Not only does PetsApp reduce stress on reception teams, but also gives the nursing team the chance to take charge, freeing up vet time. The introduction of PetsApp Wellness Plans not only reduces the stresses faced by veterinary teams, but also allows for better outcomes for their patients.

Dr Thom Jenkins, PetsApp co-founder and CEO, said: “The days of cumbersome and costly health plans are over. After observing the lack of evolution of preventative care plans over the last two years, we decided that now was the right time to launch PetsApp Wellness Plans in order to better respond to pet owners and the veterinary sector’s needs by simplifying the process for pet owners and relieving veterinary teams of ‘another thing to do’.”

Dr. Vanessa Waite, owner and head vet at The Vet Station Molesey, said: “When I opened The Vet Station Molesey we aimed to be modern, paperless and sustainable. Finally a healthcare plan that uses modern technology for sign ups, not outdated paper sign ups. Our clients can sign themselves up directly from our website or using an iPad in reception. You can check the PetsApp Dashboard that lets you know in real time that someone has signed up.

“It has been super easy to use, the team are friendly, supportive and quick to respond. After having tried other healthcare plan providers, I can only stress how delighted I am with PetsApp!”

For more information, visit PetsApp Wellness Plans and speak to the PetsApp Pack. 

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