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Scottish SPCA unveil bold 10-year vision for animal welfare

Scotland’s animal welfare charity, Scottish SPCA, has pledged to reduce levels of abuse and eradicate the cruel puppy and kitten trade in a new 10-year strategy

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) has launched an ambitious 10-year strategy with a commitment to give every animal in Scotland a good life.

The strategy, “For All Animals”, has six key goals including a pledge to reduce instances of abuse by half and to eradicate the low-welfare puppy and kitten trade.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity has also pledged to engage at least 25 percent of Scots in animal welfare education over the next decade, whilst creating a network of at least 250,000 youth ambassadors. The Scottish SPCA will work with organisations in conservation and nature recovery to address the loss of habitats which are critical to the welfare of wild animals. The Society treats regularly treats over 10,000 animals a year at its flagship National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

The Scottish SPCA, which already works with farmers who need support, will also develop stringent welfare standards for animals farmed on land and at sea and push for these to be the adopted norm in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors within a decade.

For over 20 years the Scottish SPCA has been involved in farm assurance and recognises standards in Scotland are world-leading. The commitment is to raise that bar further, ensure consistency across all types of farming, and protect the sector in Scotland from unacceptable trade deals with countries with lower animal welfare standards.

The Scottish SPCA, which is over 180 years old, aims to grow its net income by 20 percent over the next 10 years and become a Net Zero organisation. Increased income would be used to develop new and existing facilities where the need is greatest and to enhance staff and volunteer development. Combined, both will improve the excellent standard of animal care the charity offers.

Kirsteen Campbell, Scottish SPCA chief executive, said: “Demand for our services is going to continue to grow and grow. That’s why many of the ambitions we have set out intend to get downstream of the main drivers of animal welfare issues and tackle them at their source.

“We are at a critical juncture for animal welfare in Scotland, where pets, wild and farmed animals face increasingly complex challenges. These can’t be solved by any individual or agency and a key part of For All Animals is creating and building the right partnerships.

“Our vision for animal welfare in Scotland is one where it is the best place in the world for an animal to be. It is a country where abuse is in retreat, where profiteering from animals is a thing of the past and where people everywhere treat animals with respect and kindness.

Fiona MacLeod, Scottish SPCA board chair, said: “Prevention is the P in SSPCA and that will always be our ultimate aim. If an animal never needs our help, that means their welfare has never been at risk or compromised. That is why this vision sets out what we think is required to create the circumstances which maximise the chances of every individual animal’s welfare requirements being met.”

“We will continue to resolutely support the animals who do need our help. Therefore, we are committed to becoming a more sustainable and resilient charity in terms of generating more net income, improving our environmental credentials and offering a first-class experience to not only the animals we care for but the people who so generously support and work with us.”

The Scottish SPCA’s strategy comes off the back of its busiest ever year for frontline teams in 2021. Scotland’s animal welfare charity responded to over 87,000 reports of animals in need last year. Find out more by visiting their website.

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