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New study reinforces efficacy of Bioiberica’s Biosfeen and Dermial for pet skin health

New research further illustrates the benefits of Biosfeen and Dermial for skin health in companion animals, especially dogs affected by chronic skin barrier defects like atopic dermatitis

A new study, published in Veterinary Sciences, concludes that Bioiberica’s Biosfeen and Dermial ingredients enhance filaggrin and antimicrobial peptide expression – which are important for skin barrier function.

The research further illustrates the benefits of both ingredients for skin health in companion animals, especially dogs affected by chronic skin barrier defects, like atopic dermatitis.

This indicates that Bioiberica’sAtopivet range – which contains Biosfeen and Dermial as active ingredients – may provide support for skin conditions linked to barrier dysfunction.

Atopic dermatitis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease in canines, estimated to affect 10 to15 percent of dogs in general clinical populations.

Sphingolipids and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are reported to improve the skin barrier in several animal species, including dogs. Bioiberica’s Biosfeen is a unique lipid extract with a high sphingomyelin content, while Dermial is a hyaluronic acid-rich GAGs matrix.

The pre-clinical study published in Veterinary Sciences aimed to investigate the in-vitro effects of both ingredients (alone and in combination) on filaggrin and β-defensin expression – which is altered in atopic dermatitis – and therefore their benefits for skin conditions linked to barrier dysfunction.

A significant increase in human β-defensin 2 compared to the control was achieved with Biosfeen alone, and Biosfeen plus Dermial. Filaggrin protein levels also improved following intervention of both solutions.

The increase was statistically significant when the ingredients were applied in combination. Because both interventions enhanced β-defensin 2 and filaggrin expression, the study concluded that Biosfeen and Dermial are a promising target for improving barrier function in skin.

Bioiberica’s Atopivet finished product range for companion animals contains both Biosfeen and Dermial as active ingredients.

The sphingomyelin-rich lipid extract and hyaluronic acid-based GAGs matrix were specially developed to support healthy skin by targeting the epidermal barrier and helping to maintain its integrity.

Thanks to its benefits for the skin’s barrier, administration is recommended in companion animals demonstrating weakened skin integrity.

“In addition to making the skin red, swollen, dry and itchy, there is growing evidence to suggest that chronic skin barrier defects can increase the risk of recurrent skin infections,” comments Sergi Segarra, lead author of the study and research and development project manager of animal health at Bioiberica. “Moreover, some topical antimicrobial products have been reported to lead to further irritation of the skin, exacerbating epidermal barrier dysfunction.

“Finding a solution that helps to restore epidermal barrier function and integrity is therefore important for managing skin conditions in dogs”,

He continues: “The objective of our study was to better characterise the mechanism of action of Biosfeen lipid extract and Dermial GAGs matrix and further explore the potential beneficial effects of these ingredients on skin health, especially in companion animals.

“The findings from this study hint that our Atopivet range, which contains a combination of Biosfeen and Dermial, supports barrier function by increasing the expression of important molecules linked to skin health, like filaggrin and β-defensin.

“This makes it a viable option to support skin health in companion animals.”

Biosfeen has previously been shown to increase ceramide levels (the backbone of sphingolipids) and improve clinical signs related to atopic dermatitis, and Dermial has demonstrated efficacy in enhancing the proliferation and migration of skin cells, increasing elastin production and improving skin hydrating capacity.

To learn more about how Atopivet is supporting companion animal skin health, visit the website.

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