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Vet Sustain and Vets4Pets announce strategic partnership championing sustainability

Vet Sustain and Vets4Pets have cemented their relationship through a new strategic partnership to help the veterinary industry take an active role in the sustainability agenda

In response to a recent British Veterinary Association survey, almost 90 percent of vets confirmed that they would like to play a more active role in the UK sustainability agenda, both Vets4Pets and Vet Sustain firmly believe that the veterinary professions have a unique opportunity to positively influence sustainability issues impacting people, animals and the environment. This has been the driving force behind their new strategic partnership agreement.

Vet Sustain – a UK-based social enterprise – works to enable and inspire veterinary professionals to become leading forces for sustainability and continually improve the health and well-being of animals, people and the environment. Through their wide network and diverse working groups, Vet Sustain produces tools, training and communications for veterinary professionals centred around their six “Veterinary Sustainability Goals” (VSGs). 

The Veterinary Sustainability Goals highlight the roles of veterinary professionals in driving sustainability in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To tackle these ambitious goals, it is essential that Vet Sustain works in collaboration with partners that share their values, to deliver shared objectives and make a meaningful impact.

Pets at Home, of which Vets4Pets is a part, is also committed to making a difference and they launched their second stand-alone Social Value Report last year, which was the first since finalising its new social value strategy “Our Better World Pledge”. The Report outlines how the Pets at Home Group will achieve its goal of becoming the most responsible pet care business in the world by accelerating and focusing the Group’s efforts in the three areas: pets, people and planet.

Each of the three pillars has an ambitious, long-term goal. These are:

  • Pets – to positively impact the life of every pet in the UK by 2030
  • People – to enhance the lives of one million people by 2030, through our shared love of pets
  • Planet – to become net zero by 2040

These goals are supported by 10 quantifiable targets that will drive the Group’s performance forward over the next few years, along with 20 clearly defined and agreed actions. To achieve the ambitious goals set out in this strategy, Vets4Pets is working with a number of partners which will enable the business to share knowledge, resources and experience. As part of the new strategic partnership with Vet Sustain, there will be a focus on working together to share expertise and to raise the profile of the important work that Vet Sustain carries out within the profession and wider affiliated industries. 

Through the Vet Sustain strategic partnership, Vets4Pets is supporting not just their own large network of veterinary practices, but are also supporting Vet Sustain to continue to grow their offering of resources to the wider veterinary profession through the expertise and experience offered from within the Pets at Home Group’s sustainability team.  

Gudrun Ravetz, chair and director of Vet Sustain, said: “We are very pleased to announce the Pets at Home Vet Group as an official supporter of Vet Sustain. Pets at Home have shown their commitment to providing a sustainable pet ecosystem through their recent Social Value Report and Our Better World Pledge. 

“We are delighted to partner with them on their Better World journey and to engage and inspire their Partners and veterinary colleagues to champion sustainability in their practices. This support for Vet Sustain will allow us to provide more resources to aid veterinary professionals to become leading forces for sustainability.”

Jane Balmain, COO of the Pets at Home Vet Group, said: “The launch of our social value strategy in 2020 marked a major milestone for our business. To be the best pet care business in the world we must also be the most responsible one and we are now embarking on this new strategy with renewed focus on improving the lives of the nations’ pets, supporting people in our business and communities and helping to protect the planet. 

“Our Joint Venture Partners are committed to working with us on this journey and we view the partnership with Vet Sustain as an essential one to realise both of our ambitions.  This will be a truly symbiotic partnership.”

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