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Increasing access to veterinary care tops the agenda at Veterinary Innovation Summit 2022

The Veterinary Innovation Summit 2022 will feature a CEO-led panel on the future landscape of animal health and sessions on timely issues

While more than 70 percent of US households have pets, and the overwhelming majority of pet owners see them as family members, an estimated 88 million animals receive minimum to no veterinary care, according to the Veterinary Industry Council (VIC). Finding solutions to remove barriers and expand access to a spectrum of care are among the issues veterinary industry leaders will tackle at the sixth annual Veterinary Innovation Summit on 27 to 28 September 2022 in Portland, OR, sponsored by VIC and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

The Veterinary Innovation Summit will feature a CEO-led panel on the future landscape of animal health and sessions on timely issues including: how to meet increased demand for veterinary care; the immediate need for a new mid-level veterinary practitioner position to help address the veterinary workforce challenges; and a top line report from a novel study on DEI barriers to pet ownership and care.

“Financial constraints are just one of the many barriers families face when trying to provide healthcare to the animal members of their families,” said Douglas Aspros, DVM and VIC Board Chair. “Other barriers, just as formidable, include geography, travel and transportation, cultural and communication differences, owner awareness of the value of preventive care, and more.

“The Veterinary Innovation Council believes it is important for all animals to have access to basic veterinary healthcare services. As the leaders in our industry, we need to look for new, more flexible options for families, and cannot let the desire to always deliver ‘gold standard’ care become another barrier itself. We need to accept and support access to a spectrum of care so that veterinarians and their teams can meet their clients where they are.”

The sixth annual Veterinary Innovation Summit invites progressive thinkers to gather, network and strategise for the future while reimagining the delivery of care through a more client-centred approach.

The 2022 event will focus on how technology intersects with traditional veterinary care, advocate for transformational changes, help develop solutions that advance the veterinary profession and build future-ready leaders.

Veterinary Innovation Summit speaker and session highlights:

  • Breaking the Barriers to Accessible Veterinary Care
  • DEI Research on Barriers to Pet Ownership and Care
  • Exploring Consumer Insights and Bridging the Generational Differences
  • Reimagining the Future Delivery of Veterinary Care
  • Continuous Improvement and Strategy
  • Delivering Care to More Patients Through a Client-Centred Approach
  • Insight: Cultural Differences and Self Awareness for Leadership
  • Keeping Innovation Alive: What is “Big Vet” Missing
  • AI in Veterinary Practice: Opportunities and Compromises
  • CEO Roundtable: The Future Landscape for Animal Health
  • Adapt or Die!

The Veterinary Innovation Summit will also showcase new and innovative companies in the veterinary profession culminating in a live Pitch Competition.

“The NAVC founded the Veterinary Innovation Council to bring together the industry’s best thinkers and innovators to develop and champion solutions to key emerging issues in our industry,” said NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill and past VIC Board Chair. “With the veterinary industry’s leading organisations behind it and serving on its Board, we will further elevate access to healthcare for animals worldwide.”

The Veterinary Innovation Council Board is comprised of leaders and executives from some of the most innovative companies and academia serving the veterinary profession including Animal Health Economics; Animal Policy Group; ASPCA Animal Hospital; Covetrus, North America; Hill’s Pet Nutrition US; IDEXX; Mars Veterinary Health; Merck; Nationwide; Petco Love; PetIQ; Pet Smart Charities and Pet Smart Charities of Canada; Purina; Royal Canin; The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine; Veterinary Business Advisors; Veterinary Practice Partners; and WellHaven Pet Health.

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