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Virbac launches Veterinary HPM wet diets

Virbac launches new Veterinary HPM wet diets to offer a comprehensive nutritional approach to FLUTD

Virbac is pleased to announce the launch of two new wet diets for cats, designed to sit within the proven and established Veterinary HPM range. These new wet diets are specially formulated to help prevent and manage feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), a major health concern in cats. The new Veterinary HPM Adult Neutered Wet with Salmon (a life stage diet) and Urology Cat Wet (a clinical diet) have been created in accordance with the Veterinary HPM philosophy, boasting a high-protein low-carbohydrate formulation and a high share of quality animal protein, respecting cats’ carnivorous nature.

With FLUTD diagnosed in 8 percent of cats seen by vets for non-routine appointments and a 51 percent risk of recurrence within one year of the initial diagnosis, the importance of advanced nutrition to help promote urinary health cannot be underestimated.

“Feline specialists recognise the importance of nutrition and water intake in the management of FLUTD,” explains Dr Rémi Mandray, DMV, MRCVS, product manager at Virbac. “So we are delighted to be able to add two high quality wet diets to the Veterinary HPM range and therefore offer advanced nutritional solutions to such an important health issue. Our wet diets are specially formulated to complement the current Veterinary HPM dry diets for cats diagnosed with or at risk of FLUTD”.

The dry diets in the Veterinary HPM range already have many benefits when it comes to urinary health. All diets boast high levels of animal protein, which helps to stimulate water intake, increase the volume of urine and stabilise the pH for a healthy urinary system. In the life stage diets, built-in supplements such as chitosan, a digestive chelating agent for phosphorus, limit phosphorus excretion in the urine for improved prevention of struvite crystal formation. The urology diets in the clinical range meet the PARNUT requirements for dissolution and prevention of struvite stones or crystals, and prevention of oxalate formation.

The new chunks in gravy wet diets complement these existing benefits, naturally increasing the water intake by up to 50 percent due to their high water content. Dry and wets can be fed together as part of a mixed nutritional programme, responding to pet owner preferences: 60 percent of cat owners use wet food, mostly mixed with kibbles(according to a Technisens study ofr Virbac in 2019). Thanks to the Veterinary HPM pro-veterinary business model, vet practices can truly be rewarded for the important role they play in promoting correct nutrition.

For more information on the new Veterinary HPM wet diets or the Veterinary HPM range, speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.

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