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Win with SPILLERS and boost your competition success

SPILLERS is giving riders the chance to win a special Performance Pack worth more than £500, and is providing ten essential feeding tips to help every rider realise their horse’s potential

To boost competition season success this year SPILLERS is giving riders the chance to win a special Performance Pack worth more than £500. The renowned nutrition experts at SPILLERS have also put together ten essential feeding tips to help every rider realise their horse’s potential.

“Whether you are a seasoned competitor or preparing for your first unaffiliated show, good nutrition will help support your horse’s optimum health and performance,” said SPILLERS Product Manager Sarah Nelson. “Appropriate training is also crucial; our competition to win a Performance Pack gives you the chance to get your hands on premium brand training kit as well as feed. Add our essential feeding tips into the mix too and you should be well on the way to delivering your best on the competition circuit this season.”

The performance pack competition winner will be able to choose from either a 90 centimetres Brush XC Jump from Jump4Joy, a Jump4Joy pre-built show jump up to the value of £400 or a 20 x 40 dressage bundle worth £240. The winner will receive SPILLERS branded goodies plus vouchers to the sum of three bags of feed of their choice, to be redeemed in their local store. There is no cash alternative to the prize and terms and conditions apply.

To help enhance your competition success this season SPILLERS nutritionist Sarah Nelson has put together ten essential tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of forage: Forage should be the foundation of every horse’s diet. Ideally feed ad lib and never restrict to less than 1.5 percent of current bodyweight on a dry matter basis
  2. Every horse is an individual: Always adjust the amount of energy (calories) in your horse’s diet according to their body condition and consider your horse’s temperament and clinical history when choosing a suitable feed
  3. Feed alone does not build muscle: Building muscle requires appropriate exercise and a suitable diet provides the nutritional building blocks to support this (quality protein is essential). It’s impossible to turn fat into muscle so don’t allow your horse to gain excess weight in an attempt to build muscle or ‘topline’
  4. Feeding before exercise: Cereal based meals should not be given in the three hours before intense exercise but feeding small amounts of forage or chopped fibre helps to prevent gastric splashing
  5. Feeding after exercise: Small amounts of forage can be offered immediately after exercise but ‘bucket feed’, particularly cereal based feed, should be withheld until the horse has cooled down fully and their respiration rate has returned to normal
  6. Avoid sudden or frequent changes: Frequent or sudden changes in feed and forage increase the risk of conditions such as colic and should be avoided as far as possible – resist the temptation to change your horse’s feed immediately before or after a competition!
  7. Water – the overlooked element of the diet: Small amounts of water should be offered immediately after exercise, followed by free access once the horse has cooled down fully
  8. Electrolytes: Horses sweating regularly are likely to need some form of electrolyte replacement and in most cases, table salt (the same salt you put on your chips) is an effective and cost-effective solution. Speak to a nutritionist for specific advice
  9. Supplement safety: Some vitamins and minerals such as iron, selenium and iodine, can be harmful if over-supplied and over-feeding supplements poses the greatest risk
  10. Be NOPS savvy: Any competition horse can be tested for prohibited substances at any time so make sure you know the rules about liability. Make sure all feeds and supplements are BETA NOPS approved and ensure you don’t eat or drink in your horse’s stable or feed room, to help reduce contamination risks

SPILLERS has recently launched a new flagship performance range for aspiring amateurs, as well as professional riders: 

  • SPILLERS Stamina + Cubes are a low starch, super-fibre blend for a controlled performance. They are low in starch and sugar for reduced excitability, contain highly digestible fibre and oil to fuel endurance and have added pre and probiotics for digestive support
  • SPILLERS Performance Mix contains a balance of energy sources to fuel optimum performance. Added oil supports condition and coat shine, natural vitamin E supports muscle and immune health and pre and probiotics support gut health
  • SPILLERS Perform & Restore Mash supports optimum condition and recovery in performance horses. The fast-soaking mash assists hydration, added amino acids support muscle health and vitamin C provides immune support

For your chance to win the SPILLERS Performance Pack competition visit their website.

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