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Arwain DGC takes to the airwaves in new responsible use podcast

A new podcast series discusses the drive to increase awareness and stop the spread of antibiotic resistance in animals and the environment in Wales.

The new podcast series has been launched by Arwain DGC (Defnydd Gwrthficrobaidd Cyfrifol/Responsible Antimicrobial Use).

Arwain DGC is a Welsh programme designed to help vets, farmers and equine keepers to address the spread of antibiotic resistance through the use of training, technology, data gathering and intelligence.

Over the six podcasts, members of the Arwain DGC team and the programme’s partners discuss how technology on farms and a change of mindset can lead to reducing the need for antibiotics and other antimicrobials in cattle, sheep and horses.

Recorded in English and Welsh, the short series also includes episodes discussing the programme’s numerous workstreams, including the biosecurity app, work with the equine industry, the network of Veterinary Prescribing Champions (VPCs) and the environmental sampling work carried out on dairy, beef and sheep farms across Wales. 

Dewi Hughes, Arwain DGC’s programme manager, said: “These podcasts add to our ways of communicating what is being done in the cattle, sheep and equine sector to reduce the risk of AMR.

“They highlight what has been achieved so far and examples of how we can reduce the need to use antibiotics.

“We hope that our audience can enjoy them either in their downtime or as they go about their work in tractors, vans or cars.”

Episode 1: Host Dewi Hughes, Arwain DGC’s programme manager, chats with Arwain DGC technical officers Elan Davies and Eiry Williams, who lead the programme’s proof of concept farms activities.

Episode 2: Host Alan Armstrong, Arwain DGC knowledge transfer officer, chats with Iestyn Tudur-Jones from Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers (WLBP) about their AMU Calculator.

Episode 3: Host Rob Smith, farm vet and Iechyd Da director, chats with Ifan Lloyd, a vet and director with Iechyd Da, and Jon King, centre manager at the Wales Veterinary Science Centre. This episode discusses the work involved with the biosecurity app and the syndromic surveillance project.

The final three episodes in the Arwain DGC podcast series will focus on Arwain DGC’s work with equine owners, AMR in the environment and the network of VPCs.

Episode 4: Host Katy Hurley, Arwain DGC equine events officer, will talk with Dr Rebekah Stuart from Aberystwyth University and Fiona Jones from Vale Vets about the programme’s one-two-one equine health clinics and the equine survey.

Episode 5: University of Bristol professors Kristen Reyher and Matthew Avison will discuss AMR in the environment and the university’s role as a partner in Arwain DGC.

Episode 6: Dr Gwen Rees and Dr Adam Powell from Aberystwyth University will discuss the role of VPCs along with the creation of prescribing guidelines and a code of conduct.

To access the Arwain DGC Podcasts, please go to the website.

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