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Avian Specialist to lead informative talk for vets on the avian influenza outbreak

Great Western Exotics is hosting a talk, led by Dr Tom Dutton, to help practitioners recognise and manage the avian influenza epidemic in their own clinics

With the UK in the midst of the largest ever outbreak of avian influenza, one of the country’s leading exotic vet practices is hosting an informative session on how vets can recognise and manage the epidemic in their own clinics.

Led by Dr Tom Dutton from Great Western Exotics, the talk will take place online at 7pm on Tuesday 24 January 2023 and is free for vet professionals to attend.

An EBVS specialist in avian medicine and surgery, Tom will provide an overview of the current avian influenza situation before leading attendees through how to identify a possible outbreak in their practice and subsequently how to manage it.

The hour-long session will also count towards CPD hours.

Tom said: “We are currently suffering from the biggest avian flu outbreak in UK history.

“As well as the widely reported effect on the UK commercial poultry industry, there have also been a number of cases in captive birds.

“Bird owners are naturally worried about their pets becoming infected and practice vets are also having to field requests from members of the public who are concerned about wild birds.

“This session will help vets to manage enquiries and handle any potential clinical situations with confidence.”

Veterinary professionals are invited to sign up to the talk by emailing Jess before 23 January.

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