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Dechra extends Equisolon range with the launch of the Equisolon Jar

Dechra has extended its Equisolon range for the treatment of severe equine asthma with the launch of Equisolon Jar

Dechra‘s Equisolon is the only registered oral prednisolone powder that alleviates the inflammation and clinical parameters associated with severe equine asthma, previously known as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO).

The Equisolon Jar contains 180 grams of powder and comes with a convenient measuring spoon.

One scoop is sufficient to treat 150kg bodyweight at a dose of 1mg/kg and therefore one jar can treat a 600kg horse for 10 days.

The introduction of Equisolon Jar to the range provides vets with the choice of two easy-to-dose and convenient presentations.

Equisolon was previously available as a box of 10×9-gram, pre-measured sachets, with one sachet sufficient to treat a 300kg horse and a box contained enough sachets to treat a 600kg horse for five days.

“The addition of Equisolon Jar to the Equisolon range provides vets with the flexibility to choose between a jar featuring a convenient measuring spoon and a box of easy to dose pre-measured sachets,” comments Alana McGlade, national sales manager at Dechra.

“Equisolon should be administered alongside environmental management changes, including minimising dust, to reduce a horse’s exposure to potential triggers.”

Equisolon contains 33.3mg/g of prednisolone and should be administered at one milligram prednisolone per kilogram of bodyweight per day.

Treatment can be repeated at 24-hour intervals over 10 consecutive days.

For further information on Equisolon, please contact your local Dechra territory sales manager or visit their website.

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