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Dechra launches Lifelong Ear Partnership resources for better clinical results in otitis cases

Dechra has launched a range of Lifelong Ear Partnership resources to provide vets and owners with education, tips and support to achieve better clinical outcomes and owner satisfaction for dogs with otitis externa

This move by Dechra follows in-depth research with practising vets, along with a survey of vets across the UK and Europe, which revealed that owner communication was an important and sometimes stressful part of case management. The research also revealed that many vets perceived owner knowledge of otitis externa as low.

The new Lifelong Ear Partnership resources were developed in conjunction with a panel of vets with a goal of helping vets in practice to improve their owner communication and achieve owner buy-in when communicating with owners about otitis.

To assist vets with their otitis cases, Dechra has developed owner communication tools for use in practice or to refer owners to after the consultation.This includes an owner website and a postcard with QR code links to educational videos. The videos will enable owners to increase their understanding of the condition and they cover clinical recommendations, treatment options and the importance of revisits.Also available is an owner focused brochure providing information and links to support and an online 4D ear model, which demonstrates a healthy ear and an ear with mild, moderate or severe otitis.

Ear cytology is an important part of otitis management that increases a vet’s chance of choosing a targeted treatment and helps them to monitor response to therapy.Dechra has launched an ear cytology webinar series on Dechra Academy featuring a series of three interactive case studies. The course consists of handy tips on the full process, from greeting the patient to performing and interpreting cytology slides, and is supported by a range of helpful materials with tips on how to improve cytology skills.

“Otitis externa in dogs is not a quick fix and to successfully treat a case several factors need to be considered,” comments Claire Westoby, companion animal brand manager at Dechra.”Most cases call for a thorough investigation of the primary causes, a correct diagnosis and treatment of potential secondary dysbiosis, handling of perpetuating factors and constructing a long-term plan that ensures owner compliance and reduces the risk of recurrent problems.”“Our extensive new range of Lifelong Ear Partnership resources will ensure that vets can refresh their knowledge on otitis externa and educate clients on all aspects of the condition within a limited consult time.”

For further information on the Lifelong Ear Partnership resources please contact your local Dechra territory manager or visit their website.

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