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Ekyflex Tendon EVO supplement for tendons and ligaments by Audevard laboratories

Ekyflex Tendon EVO is a new supplement from Audevard Laboratories to support tendons and ligaments replacing Ekyflex Tendon

Audevard Laboratories are innovating with a new supplement to support tendons and ligaments and to help keep the bounce in a horse’s stride: Ekyflex Tendon EVO.

This new product replaces Ekyflex Tendon in the Audevard orthopaedic range.

Studies on tendons have shown that age and/or exercise can cause a progressive degeneration of the quality of their fibres.

This phenomenon translates into signs of weakness visible to the naked eye: 70 percent of owners have already noticed signs of tendon damage (heat, swelling, etc.) without marked lameness.

If these signs appear too frequently and are not treated, the risk of tendinitis is increased: a condition which involves a long and insidious healing process, the outcome of which is uncertain as 80 percent of horses relapse.

Scientific advances are now allowing for a formula specifically dedicated to the needs of tendons and ligaments.

Thanks to a combination of scientifically validated ingredients, Ekyflex Tendon EVO provides a triple action for tendons to strengthen collagen fibres:

  • Create quality collagen (thanks to tendogen I, a mix of amino acids and white willow)
  • Optimise the tendon environment (thanks to boswellia serrata and citrus)
  • Strengthen the attachment of tendons and ligaments to the bone (thanks to vitamin D3)

Ekyflex Tendon EVO can be used for horses with signs of tendon weakness, for horses with a history of tendon problems or for horses in training.

It is also indicated after a tendon injury to support the recovery phase.

With this new product, Audevard Laboratories are also committed to an eco-responsible approach thanks to a new packaging made of plant-based material.

Ekyflex Tendon EVO is available in 900 grams and 1.8 kilograms.

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