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Free online veterinary CPD for you from Improve Veterinary Practice

Improve Veterinary Practice has launched a new range of CPD solutions so that meeting your annual CPD targets doesn’t have to cost a thing

CPD is an essential part in the veterinary industry with annual targets and RCVS requirements to be met. But with time and money becoming as rare as seeing a cat that doesn’t hide during its vet visit, where do you begin? Improve Veterinary Practice has launched a range of CPD solutions to meet every budget.

Solution 1: a free veterinary CPD subscription

Improve Veterinary Practice is excited to now be offering a year’s worth of free CPD for vets and vet nurses who want to “try before they buy”.

What are the benefits of the subscription?

It’s free! Save time and money with a year’s worth of free veterinary CPD. Of course, you won’t be able to access all CPD courses and benefits Improve Veterinary Practice has to offer, but it will help meet your annual CPD requirement. If you enjoy it, then consider upgrading to the full membership!

How much does a subscription cost?

Nothing. No catch, no commitment. Too good to be true? Sign up and see for yourself!

You can sign up to Improve Veterinary Practice’s free CPD subscription here.

Solution 2: save with a veterinary CPD bundle

Improve Veterinary Practice’s bundles are a collection of courses that cover similar subject areas in one go. Plus, they’re charged monthly to help spread the cost.

What are the benefits of a CPD bundle?

Unlike standalone courses, CPD bundles give you the flexibility to choose the subject areas you’re most interested in. Unlike the membership, you can end your bundle subscription at any time. Giving you the opportunity to either upgrade to the membership or select another CPD subject bundle. Upon completion of a course, you will be provided with a certificate for your hard work.

How much does a CPD bundle cost?

Improve Veterinary Practice Bundles are charged at a monthly rate of £8.99, which is probably cheaper than your monthly phone bill, but we’ll let you be the judge of that! Plus, you can cancel at any time.

You can find out more about Improve Veterinary Practice’s bundles here.

Want a little bit more?

Solution 3: a veterinary CPD membership

The Improve Veterinary Practice Membership is an online subscription-based service that offers CPD over various topics and all specialisms. You can earn CPD hours by simply reading articles, watching recorded lectures and engaging with all it has to offer.

What are the benefits of a CPD membership?

There’s stress-free CPD tracking and all your annual CPD requirements are in one place. The Improve Veterinary Practice Membership gives you access to hundreds of CPD courses at your fingertips. Developed in collaboration with world-class experts from the veterinary sector, it delivers the very latest thinking in your subject area, enabling you to gain new skills in an expert-led environment that you can take back to your practice.

Upon completion of a course, you will get a certificate to download. The membership is continuously evolving, and new benefits will be added to the platform soon – watch this space!

How much does a veterinary membership cost?

The Improve Veterinary Practice Membership costs £299 (ex VAT) for vets and £199 (ex VAT) for veterinary nurses. Charged annually, it provides all your CPD requirements in one place, so you don’t have to spend all year scrambling around in a panic for your next CPD opportunity.

Check out Improve Veterinary Practice’s membership options here.

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Stress-free CPD tracking and certification, you’ll wonder how you coped without it.

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