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Humanimal Connection podcast to shine a light on One Medicine

The Humanimal Trust has launched the first episode of the Humanimal Connection Podcast 2, a series exploring the links between humans and animals, and the importance of “One Medicine”

Humanimal Trust, a charity founded in 2014 by Supervet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, has launched the first episode of The Humanimal Connection Podcast series two.

This is a new 10-part monthly podcast series called exploring the links between humans and animals, and the importance of “One Medicine”.

Following on from the first series, The Humanimal Connection Podcast 2 will look back in history at how our relationship with animals has evolved, the central issue of ethics and the boundaries and borders of legislation and change advocacy. 

It will also uncover the divide in our current education system between human and animal medicine and will feature regular items and updates on the rapid advances and discoveries in science that are bringing about positive change for all species.

Each episode of the Humanimal Connection Podcast will be hosted by veterinary nurse Jane Davidson, an avid YouTuber who is currently studying for a PhD in the History of Veterinary Legislation.

Throughout the series, Jane will be joined by academics, scientists, practitioners and professionals from across the fields of human and animal medicine. 

Humanimal Trust drives collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers so all humans and animals benefit from sustainable and equal medical progress, but not at the expense of an animal’s life. This is One Medicine.

Joe Bailey, CEO of Humanimal Trust, said: “I’m really excited about our new Humanimal Connection podcast series.

“Jane brings knowledge, fun and anecdote in equal measure courtesy of her twenty years of frontline experience as a vet nurse.

“She also has considerable depth of understanding in the evolution of veterinary practice, which is fascinating and as relevant to the general public as it is to professionals.

“I’m delighted that young emerging healthcare professionals and students have been invited to join the podcast to give voice to those who will shape human and animal healthcare in the coming decades.

“Educating the next generation is key to One Medicine. We need to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn about the connections between humans and animals, that veterinary and human medical students learn with and from one another and that practitioners learn continuously from their peers.”

Episode 1 (avialable now) kicks off with Dr Emma Griffiths, a lecturer in classics, ancient history and egyptology at the University of Manchester, who explores the fascinating history of animal and human relationships. 

Emma is joined by Dr Jonathan Leighton, a Harvard molecular biologist, author and founder of the Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS). Jonathan discusses the field of ethics and why ethical governance in research is so important.

Episode 2 of the Humanimal Connection Podcast, available next month, will feature conversation and debate between anaesthetist Dr Rakhi Ghosh, bioveterinary science student Kerry Holtham and veterinary student Meghan Lawlor on how One medicine is currently represented in education.

Dr Emma Griffiths will also return to look back at how power, politics and religion changed the way humans related to animals in the Dark Ages.

Episode 3, out in March, will see Dr James Yeates, CEO of the World Federation for Animals and Dr Zohar Lederman, an emergency Doctor and bioethicist, delve into the practical challenges of developing an ethical framework to make One Medicine the norm. 

Inspiring stories from members of the charity’s Humanimal Hub, as well as the wider community, will also be shared throughout the series, which has been created by performer, producer and creative consultant, Matt Coldrick.

Visit the Humanimal Trust website to find out more and listen to the first episode of The Humanimal Connection Podcast 2.

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