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IVC Evidensia launches introduction to referral nursing programme

IVC Evidensia has launched a new introduction to referral nursing programme as part of the comprehensive referral nursing strategy they are championing

The five-part introduction to referral nursing course is designed to open the door to the world of referral nursing and will be followed by IVC Evidensia’s first referral nurse development programme. 

The ambitious new strategy is being championed by Arlene Connor, IVC Evidensia’s national referral nursing lead for the UK.

Arlene was supported by Helen Rooney, clinical and development support at IVC Evidensia, who was instrumental in creating the modules. 

A major part of the new initiative is to increase awareness of referral nursing in the company and debunk some of the myths and common misconceptions. 

“IVC Evidensia is still relatively unknown in the referrals world,” said Arlene. “With our new referrals team in place, we want to change that by highlighting the support and the tremendous career prospects a career in Referral Nursing offers. 

“We often find that people are very anxious about making the move to work in referrals, perhaps thinking that the work is too advanced or that they need to have additional post registration qualifications.” 

“It really can prevent them for applying for a role. But there is always a learning path, and this new introduction to referral nursing programme is designed to help them make an informed decision. 

“We want to break down the barriers people put up in front of themselves.” 

The five-part online module is part of the programme open to those nurses working for IVC Evidensia. It will also be open to those outside the company and will be available on the referral nursing website.

The next step will be the referral nursing programme, full details will shortly be laid out. 

“We want to ensure this resource can be used by all. There will be a set of discipline specific modules, which will provide a framework to support our nursing teams whether they are a discipline specific nurse or enjoy a role moving between the specialist disciplines.

“This will be augmented by practical training, as well as additional modules covering things like collegiality and quality improvement,” said Arlene. 

“So, it will be tailored to their individual role and will ensure each nurse feels valued in those roles. 

“We want to make sure they are satisfied with both the training and the progression opportunities available to them.   

“Referral nursing is an exciting, rewarding and challenging career where very few days will be the same.

“Nurses can come into it with a confidence that they will be fully supported in a comprehensive fashion wherever they are within the IVC Referral network.”  

For more information on the IVC Nursing modules, visit the website.

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