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New online continuing education platform provided by vet techs and nurses

A new online CPD platform is the first to have all content for the entire veterinary team provided by veterinary technicians and nurses

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Veterinary team training (VTT) is the first online continuing education platform where all the content is provided by only veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses.

Amy Newfield, MS, CVT, VTS (ECC), and owner of VTT came up with the idea to create an online continuing education platform after she says she, “saw a veterinarian educating veterinary assistants/technicians on how to place an intravenous catheter.

“It was then that I realized there’s not enough content out there for veterinary technicians and assistants. It’s important to learn from the people who do your job. After all, that’s how we all learn best.”

She continued: “Looking at other online CE providers there are many that have an almost 2:1 and some that have a 3:1 ratio between the amount of content being provided for veterinarians versus content for vet techs/assistants.

“I started thinking about what would happen if the opposite was true. If veterinarians logged in to learn and most of the educators were vet techs and vet nurses, how would they feel?

“I’m proud that VTT has only credentialed vet tech and vet nurse educators. It’s a first in the industry.

“What’s even more exciKng is that 99 percent of RACE approved content on the website has been approved by RACE for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. That means the tables are turned and vet techs get to be the educators for veterinarians on the VTT website.”

Coming up Newfield says there will be some surprises for subscribers. Veterinary team training will be the first subscription-based website to offer a free, exclusive event to their subscribers that is included in the subscription price.

Newfield wants to be clear; everyone is welcome to learn including front desk, veterinarians, pracKce manager, but the content will only be delivered by vet techs and vet nurses.

“Vet techs are great at breaking down complicated diseases or skills because they are used to training all skill levels. They can train someone fresh out of high school with no knowledge and advance the training of a credentialed vet tech with over ten years’ experience.

Many times, veterinarians enjoy learning more from vet techs and vet nurses then doctors. Everyone is welcome to learn.”

Newfield encourages everyone to come and learn from the world class educators on the website. For more informaKon you can check out the VTT website or reach out to Newfield.

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