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New training videos developed to help clinicians treat osteoarthritis

New training materials about a pioneering stem cell treatment for dogs with osteoarthritis have been produced for veterinary staff

DogStem is the first and only licensed stem cell treatment in the UK and Europe for dogs with mild to severe osteoarthritis of the elbow and hip.

The ready-to-use, intra-articular injection targets pain and inflammation at its source with no systemic contraindications.

Two new training videos have been launched alongside teaching guides – downloadable from the DogStem website.

The videos are intended as a high-quality resource that can be used by general practitioner (GP) vets to improve their confidence in performing intra-articular injections in the hip and elbow.

The principles and techniques are also useful for performing arthrocentesis.

DogStem is clinically proven to reduce pain and lameness while improving mobility and quality of life for dogs over one year. A single dose produces long lasting effects, ranging from three to more than twelve months.

“We are really excited to announce these training videos and teaching guides. With joint specific landmarks and approaches detailed, we want vets to feel confident and supported using DogStem,” said Emma Hancox, vet advisor at TVM, distributors of DogStem.

Veterinary care industry leader IVC Evidensia has been working closely on the training videos, along with the Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance, to ensure it adheres to a high level of clinical practice.

The videos have been produced with Dr Russell Chandler, BVSc, CertSAO, MSc(OrthoEng), MRCVS, an advanced practitioner in small animal orthopaedics.

Russell, of IVC Evidensia practice Alphavet Referrals in Newport, Gwent, said: “We are proud to have been involved in the production of these training videos, which will support veterinary clinicians everywhere in providing pioneering stem cell treatment to improve the quality of life of dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

“We have been using mesenchymal stem cell therapy for dogs with osteoarthritis, as part of a multimodal approach, for many years.

“The availability of an off the shelf stem cell product, namely DogStem, for the first time promises to greatly widen the applicability of stem cell therapy to these kinds of patients in veterinary practices.

Russell continued: “The early responses to treatment that we have seen with DogStem have been very encouraging. I look forward to following up these cases as they progress through their osteoarthritis journey.

“DogStem is simple to administer, once you have the skills to inject joints, and the support from the UK suppliers, TVM, has been excellent.”

Deep sedation is usually adequate for elbow intra-articular injections, although general anaesthesia may be indicated in certain circumstances. With hip procedures, general anaesthesia is preferred to provide appropriate muscle relaxation to manipulate the joint and position the patient for access.

DogStem is easily stored and removed from the fridge just a few minutes ahead of the procedure.

After the surgical field is clipped and aseptically prepared and draped, the videos show the precise procedures, in both elbow and hip, for accessing joint spaces, confirming accurate placement by the appearance of synovial fluid and injecting DogStem.

“The Training guides will complement the videos with diagrams and explanations of the approaches to each joint.

Trials have proven the efficacy of the treatment, with 63 percent of dogs showing a clinically relevant improvement in force-plate gait analysis and 77 percent had an improved orthopaedic examination by eight weeks.

Improvements were also demonstrated in quality of life with improvements in day-to-day activities, including walking, playing with other dogs and reduced stiffness after sleeping. Fifty-nine percent of owners reported the treatment’s effects lasted longer than six months.

IVC Evidensia country medical director, John Dinsdale said: “At IVC Evidensia, we are committed to being at the forefront of clinical excellence and championing training and development for all clinicians, to ultimately help our pets become healthier.

“These training videos will equip clinicians with the confidence they need to achieve the best results in treating pets with osteoarthritis.”

To watch the training videos and access the other training materials, visit their website.

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