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Nimrod brings back benzylpenicillin sodium for horses

Nimrod Veterinary Products is marketing benzylpenicillin sodium under the name Geepenil Vet Powder for horses again after a hiatus

Benzylpenicillin sodium powder for making up an aqueous solution for injection is available again in the UK as an authorised product for horses.

It has been absent from the market for several years. 

The product, Geepenil Vet Powder, is being marketed by Nimrod Veterinary Products.

Managing Director of Nimrod, veterinary surgeon David Renney, said “Penicillin is a first-line therapy for many infections in horses because of its efficacy and for responsible use of antibiotics. 

“But, for some years, until now, vets have been offered only procaine penicillin injection, which carries the risk of acute procaine toxicity syndrome, and which cannot be used within its detection time of 240 hours before racing. Now, they do not have to worry about these problems.

“In addition, given intravenously, Geepenil does not cause discomfort or irritation at the injection site. 

“So we are delighted to add a really useful authorized product, in which vets can have full confidence, to the horse vet’s dispensary.”

Geepenil Vet Powder is available in packs of 10 vials of 6.36 g from all the major veterinary wholesalers.

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