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Wound protection start-up launches revolutionary liquid barrier dressing for cattle: NoBACZ Bovine

Wound protection start-up company NoBACZ Healthcare has launched NoBACZ Bovine, a revolutionary, liquid, rapid-setting, flexible barrier dressing that will transform cattle welfare

Using technology developed by NoBACZ Healthcare, a University of Cambridge spin-off company, NoBACZ Bovine uses a patented natural polymer combined with copper and zinc ions that set rapidly on contact with skin.

It is antibiotic-free and provides a waterproof barrier, keeping environmental pathogens and contaminants out and keeping the site clean and dry during recovery.

The first, biodegradable, sustainable wound barrier product of its kind, NoBACZ Bovine features innovative skin-seal technology that provides unparalleled durability, even in challenging farm conditions.

The self-adhesive, flexible gel adapts to any part of the body and sets fast, acting as a waterproof barrier to the external environment which shields the site from unwanted moisture and bacterial ingress and allows the tissue underneath to repair in a protected environment.

It is proven to prevent the loss of therapeutic sprays when it is used as a barrier.

NoBACZ Bovine is easy to apply with a clean gloved hand and offers up to seven days’ protection without the need to reapply.

It is suitable for use on any site of the body, except the eyes, and has been especially widely used on hooves, horn buds and udders.

The liquid barrier dressing does not need to be removed as it will self-degrade and its ingredients dissolve naturally with no mess, fuss or residue.

Dr Jonathan Powell, director of biomineral research and imaging at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Veterinary Medicine, and chief executive officer and co-founder of NoBACZ Healthcare, comments: “Following several years of research at the University of Cambridge and comprehensive market analysis which identified an unmet need across the farming industry, we are absolutely delighted to launch NoBACZ Bovine, which offers unparalleled protection against harsh farm conditions, revolutionising wound protection in cattle and enhancing the health and welfare of the national herd.”

Mike Kerby, veterinary surgeon from Synergy Farm Health, who has successfully used NoBACZ Bovine over many months, adds: “I have been using NoBACZ Bovine for a while in cattle affected with UCD (udder cleft dermatitis) and DD (digital dermatitis) lesions as well as on wounds and granulomas.

“It is my clinical impression that it counters bacterial colonisation rapidly and promotes re-epithelialisation, which in turn helps to prevent the occurrence of proud flesh or reduces the mass of any existing granulomata.

“Application is simple and quick, with clients also finding it easy to reapply regularly within set treatment protocols. In addition to this, it was seen as a huge advantage that bandages and their removal are not involved, nor are antibiotics, making it labour saving, sustainable and eco-friendly.”

NoBACZ Bovine is the first product to be launched in the NoBACZ Healthcare product range. Products in the pipeline include NoBACZ Navel and NoBACZ Equine.

For further information on NoBACZ Healthcare and NoBACZ Bovine, including a video on how to administer the product, visit their website.

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