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OdourLock maxCare – a new proactive health monitoring cat litter

BSB Products has introduced OdourLock maxCare, a proactive health monitoring cat litter that alerts owners to diabetes and urinary diseases


BSB Products, the UK distributor for Intersand cat litter, has introduced OdourLock maxCare, a cat litter that helps alert cat owners to common health conditions, such as diabetes and urinary diseases.

OdourLock maxCare contains health diagnostic Blücare granules that turn from white to blue at the first sign of blood or glucose in urine.

Urinary diseases and diabetes are among the top reasons for veterinary consultations for cats, and diabetes is three times more common in cats than dogs. It usually occurs in older cats (aged seven and above), particularly those who are overweight.

The good news is that diabetes is reversible and can be treated and cured when treated early and monitored closely.

OdourLock maxCare provides an early warning of problems so cat owners can consult with their veterinary professional before the disease progresses and introduce medication and manage the disease more effectively.

Each 12-kilogram bag of OdourLock maxCare comes with a sachet of Blücare granules and a QR code link to the OdourLock website.

Following the instructions on the website, owners should fill their litter tray with OdourLock maxCare and then sprinkle the granules evenly over the surface of the litter.

Once the cat has used the litter, owners should remove the clumps as normal and inspect for any sign of blue granules.

Evidence of the granules having turned dark blue is a signal for owners to visit a veterinary professional. The granules can detect glucose and blood at the very first trace, even when invisible to the naked eye. A visual guide on the website will help customers determine the results.

OdourLock maxCare is not a replacement for proper veterinary care. It is a diagnostic aid so users should always seek professional advice to confirm diagnosis and receive treatment.

Colin Rodger, of BSB Products, said: “OdourLock maxCare is an exciting product that can help keep cats healthy by acting as an early warning system for common diseases such as diabetes and urinary disease.

“It’s a simple, reliable, non-invasive way every cat owner can look after their cat and save costs on veterinary fees and medication.”

Patented Blücare granules have been developed in Intersand’s laboratory in Canada and rigorously tested by veterinarians for accuracy, safety and effectiveness.

OdourLock maxCare has the following additional benefits:

  • Blocks ammonia – technology activated on contact with urine to neutralize odour development for over 40 days
  • Extra hard clumping – rapid absorption and formation of smaller, stronger agglomerates to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance
  • Dust-free – respects human and cat respiratory tracts
  • No tracking – fast, easy cleaning, ideal for multi-cat environments

OdourLock maxCare is available from £29.99 SRP for a 12-kilogram bag.

BSB Products is running an introductory offer of £26.99 SRP for six weeks from 4 September to 16 October 2023.

Both the litter and the granules will last one month.

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