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Profeed Advanced: A complementary feed to support dogs’ immune function

Tereos has launched Profeed Advanced, a complementary feed proven to support the immune defence system in aging dogs

Tereos is launching Profeed Advanced, a complementary feed that is proven to support the immune defence system in aging dogs.

Developed jointly with Lallemand, a leading company in the development of yeast, bacteria, and their derivatives, Profeed Advanced combines Tereos’ short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS), already known as Profeed, with new and unique selected yeast fractions to tackle the gut microbiota and immune changes in elderly dogs.

Obtained from sugar beet sucrose, Profeed short chain FOS encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, while new Profeed Advanced combines these proven prebiotic effects with the action of specifically selected yeast fractions, acting as postbiotics.

This results in a synergistic effect for a unique complementary feed – for which a patent is still pending.

Dr Cindy Le Bourgot, nutrition and health scientist at Tereos, explains: “Tereos’ Profeed range has been a favourite with petfood manufacturers for many years, and Profeed Advanced is a real step forward in helping dogs stay healthier for longer.

“Science and innovation have come together to create a symbiotic product based on complementary modes of action, helping older dogs to stay healthier for longer.”

In dogs, as in humans, the aging process leads to an alteration of the gut microbiota and a decrease in the efficacy of the immune system.

Profeed Advanced has been designed to support a balanced microbiota while sustaining the immune system through aging.

Dr Francesca Susca, global pet product manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition (Tereos’ development partner), added: “Lallemand has worked for many years developing yeast and bacteria and their derivatives for humans and animals.

“We have selected specific yeast strains for Profeed Advanced to develop a complementary feed with proven benefits in balancing the microbiota of senior dogs and helping to maintain their immunity.

“This is the first yeast derivatives product of this kind in the market.”

Manufactured at Tereos’ facility in Chevrieres, France, the feed comes in the form of a neutral-tasting powder that can be added to any wet or dry petfood by manufacturers.

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