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Purina launches PRO PLAN supplements in the UK

Purina has launched over-the-counter PRO PLAN supplements in UK, which can help support mobility, immunity, vitality, digestion, skin and coat and well-being

Purina, Europe’s leading pet care company, has launched over-the-counter PRO PLAN supplements in UK, following years of research into pet nutrition and understanding pets’ needs.

The complementary pet food products have been scientifically designed by Purina to help support specific needs in pet mobility (dog), natural defences (cat and dog), vitality (cat and dog), skin and coats (cat and dog) as well as promote relaxation (dog).

While the use of nutritional supplements among people has been popular for years, it has traditionally been rare to give pets nutritional supplements in addition to their daily meals.

However, the global pet supplements market is growing, driven by a rising number of pet owners, consumer preference for natural ingredients and the humanisation and premiumisation of pet products.

For many, pets are part of the family and increasingly owners are looking for ways in which they can take more proactive care of their pets’ health.

According to a 2021 Pet Supplement Report, 20 percent of pet owners in the European Union currently give their pets supplements in the form of powders, oils, capsules, tablets, paste or chews. Seventy-seven percent said they would consider pet supplements if they were confident that their pets would benefit from them.

Stella Demesticha, vet and PRO PLAN business unit director, Purina Europe, said: “At Purina we believe nutrition is the foundation for keeping long-term health, wellbeing, and an amazing life for your pet.

“Based on more than 120 years of pet care expertise, our PRO PLAN supplements range is expertly formulated to deliver targeted products at all stages of your pets’ life.”

Purina PRO PLAN supplements are an easy way to give pets additional targeted benefits, designed to be served once a day and in addition to usual meals.

The range has been created to be highly palatable, with a very high level of acceptance and enjoyment, ensuring that pets love eating the products.

For more information about Purina’s over-the-counter PRO PLAN supplements and their benefits, please visit their website.

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